Is Your Dental Marketing Program Hemorrhaging Cash?

What parts of your marketing are returning the most new patients?

Odds are that you don’t know. Oh, you probably have a guess, or a feeling, or a hunch. You and your staff probably use phrases such as, “It seems like …” or “Our sense is …” or “I’d say …” when discussing the effectiveness of your dental marketing.

That’s not your fault. Research has proven that dental patients are wildly inaccurate when recalling exactly which piece of marketing caused them to pick up the phone. You’re working with extremely flawed data.

There’s no way you can accurately know whether your postcard campaign, or your dental email marketing, or your Yellow Pages ad, or your blog, or your website is giving you the best bang for your marketing buck. Which means you’re throwing away money on the marketing channels that don’t produce.

But what else are you going to do? So you guess, or you use your intuition, or you rely on flawed data. Those are lousy ways to invest your hard-earned marketing dollars.

Enter: Zetetics® Phone Tracking

Zetetics® from SmartBox not only can track your online performance; it also can track every marketing effort you put out there, including that all-important phone call from a potential new patient.

We can track everything you do so you can make educated and informed decisions for your advertising:

  • Radio spots
  • Yellow Pages Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Direct Mailings
  • Dental Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Websites
  • Banner Ads
  • Even Business Cards!

Eventually, almost everything you do in your advertising efforts has to lead back to a potential new patient making a phone call to your front desk. We’ll even tell you how your phone calls are working for you!

You’ll know with confidence:

  • Which ads are generating qualified patients and which ones are not.
  • What’s happening after hours with your phones.
  • How your staff is handling the phone calls and sales process.

Zetetics® Takes Out The Guess Work.

SmartBox can track your True ROI by assigning a separate phone number to each marketing effort. Calls to those numbers are automatically forwarded to your office phones. Our Zetetics® program then tracks each advertising effort and records your phone calls for conversions, hang-ups, and after-hours calls.

Every month, our dedicated team of Call Quality Analysts listens to and reviews every incoming call to ALL of our dentists’ phones. Our dentists are quickly notified of any issues with their front desk’s phone technique and/or ability to appoint prospects so that problems can be corrected.

Using Zetetics®, You Know … EVERYTHING

Now, you can even “split test” the responses of different ads, advertising methods, and media. Run one against the other, and with our proprietary system, you’ll see – you’ll know – which is the best place to spend your advertising dollars.

How much did that Yellow Pages ad cost? And the newspaper ad? And then there is the radio spot. And did they work? Without Zetetics®, it is impossible to tell. Imagine the money you’ll save … imagine the patients you can drive to your door if you are reaching them effectively.

120+ Reports are available to you! You’ll be able to:

  • Find out exactly what works and what doesn’t!
  • Zero in on the most effective advertising!
  • And effectively attract the qualified patients you want.

In advertising, whether through a website, banner ad, print ad, or on the radio, data is king. Without great data, advertising dollars are wasted and time is lost … and so are patients. With most advertising, you will not know for months which ads are working and which aren’t.

But with the right data, you can drive more qualified patients to your practice is less time, with less effort, and with fewer dollars. Zetetics® puts that power in your hands.

All of your local dental marketing – every bit of it – has to end in a phone call to your dental office. Do you know how people get your number? Do you know where they saw or heard your ad? Do you realize how much power you’d have if you had this data?

The Power Of Data In Your Hands

Before you spend another dime on advertising, before you send out that direct mail piece, before you sign a contract for your next radio spot – or any other form of advertising you do – you want to know it will:

  • Drive qualified phone calls into your office!
  • Bring qualified new patients through your doors!
  • And bring in the better patients and cases YOU want!

Get the Tools, Knowledge, and Assurance Your Advertising Is Working for You!

For a consultation on how Zetetics® from SmartBox can save you money, track your advertising dollars, and bring you better patients, just fill in the short form below, and one of our marketing experts will contact you shortly.

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