Zetetics Press Release

Get 3 Call-Tracking Zetetics™ Phone Lines and Sharpen Your Advertising Budget!

zeteticspressA Service Unique to SmartBox Dental Marketing & Proof Positive Your Strategy is Working!

SmartBox is the only company that can offer you Zetetics™ proof. You will know exactly how your advertising efforts are paying off – no hidden “secrets”, no “around the bush” answers. We will show you, with proof captured right in your own place of business, what that ad, whether on or offline, is doing for you!

How Zetetics™ Works:

Zetetics™ is our unique phone system for tracking your online and mobile advertising. By giving you up to three unique phone numbers that only web and mobile customers will use we can track the number of calls into your office.

The proven purpose behind Zetetics™ is to get the prospective customer to call your business. Once someone searches for “your service” in your area they will call the top spots in the search return. If you aren’t there your phone doesn’t ring…it’s that simple. Our goal is to boost your ranking in the search engines so that when someone – one of many every month – does a web or mobile search they see you. The end result is the “call”.

By being able to trace these calls through our unique phone numbers set up for web and mobile users we will not only be able to show you how many calls our work has resulted in, but…

Zetetics™ records the calls coming into your business and sends you those recordings in an MP3 audio you’ll want to hear for Quality Control purposes. Hear how the phones are answered, how your employees interact with customers and what customers were calling for.

You’ll receive weekly and monthly reports showing you the activity each advertising campaign has given you.

It can be used with local or “800-type” numbers.

Zetetics™ provides a complete online sales management system where you can pinpoint the effectiveness of keywords or phrases searched for that results in calls to your business. Know what the community’s “hot buttons” are instantly for building new, effective campaigns.

After a decade in the making and tens of thousands of dollars spent on software development, SmartBox’s Zetetics™ is the only service of its kind you will find. No one else can offer you “proof positive” results.

Imagine the thousands of dollars this could save you in the troublesome problem of unknown returns on your advertising dollars…

You will no longer wonder what your ROI is with advertising campaigns or with working with SmartBox — you’ll know!

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