Your Dental Website Is Probably Costing You Patients

So you’ve put plenty of time, energy, and money into building a dental website. Are you getting good results?

If your answer is counted in clicks, hits, ranking, or impressions instead of the number of phone calls and new patients, the answer is “no.”

One of the biggest myths in dental marketing is that by just building a dental website, new and qualified patients will flow into your office like water out of the hose when you turn on the spigot.

Some dentists have bought template, cookie-cutter websites while others have paid someone (sometimes outrageous amounts) to build a customized site. Either way, the mindset of “if you build it, they will come” could not be further from reality. Dental website design is as much an art as it is a science, and not all decisions in design wind up being good ones.

The reality is, you have less than three seconds to convince your potential patients that they should do business with you.

What does your dental website say in those first few critical seconds?

You can spend a lot of time guessing exactly what on your website might be repelling the very patients you want to attract. Or you can get definitive answers – free.

SmartBox will give you a free Dental Website Audit whether or not you ultimately become one of our dentists. How else can you or we know precisely whether your dental website is attracting or repelling the patients YOU want?

In the course of thousands of these audits, we have compiled the eight most common reasons your dental website isn’t attracting the patients YOU want:

  1. The user experience is bad.
  2. The content isn’t engaging.
  3. There is not enough emphasis on potential patients’ needs.
  4. There aren’t enough effective videos.
  5. Links from other sites aren’t helping you – and may be hurting you.
  6. The focus is on the wrong patients.
  7. You haven’t put yourself on the (Google) map.
  8. You haven’t emphasized patient reviews.

You need definitive answers about what’s right and wrong with your website, because your site is the linchpin of your dental online marketing.

For more information about the Dental Website Audit or to get one for your practice, click here.

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