You CAN Advertise Your Dental Practice Easily And Effectively

Just Not the Way You Might Think

As a group, dentists tend to favor advertising dental practices via the traditional methods – taking out a Yellow Pages ad, running an occasional newspaper ad, and the odd postcard campaign. More recently, dentists have given a grudging nod to having a dental website, although those sites tend to be updated maybe once a decade.

There was a time when those methods were enough, but that time has come and gone. Traditional dental advertising simply isn’t enough to allow dental practices to thrive in today’s hypercompetitive environment.

Today, more than 90 percent of people begin their search for a dentist online. It’s crucial to your success that  the prospects you want to attract can find your practice easily when they search online.

To make sure that people are finding you online, there are a few relatively simple tasks that you need to accomplish.

Simple, But Not Easy

Those five tasks are fairly simple for people in the business of helping dentists attract more patients. For the vast majority of dentists, those four tasks are a nightmare waiting to happen.

Unless you’re a particularly gifted dental website services specialist; a social media marketing guru; an accomplished dental content writer; a dental SEM (search engine management) expert; and a dental email marketing automation aficionado, forget about it. It’s a waste of your time, your talents, and your energy.

Actually, the way in which dentists go about advertising dental practices costs them time and energy. Dental advertising tends to be a very cyclical thing, with different specials, discounts, and offers every quarter, if not every month. Then there’s the time spent designing and writing ads, making the media buys, and tracking each ad’s success.

Do-it-yourself dental marketing wastes more than your time. You make money seeing patients and solving their dental problems. No matter whether you’re taking a 21st-century approach to dental practice marketing, or a traditional approach to advertising, dental practice promotion doesn’t directly make you one dollar.

We Said Easily And Effectively, And We Mean It

The trick to bringing your dental practice marketing into the 21st century is retain a true dental marketing firm that offers comprehensive dental marketing services.

There are fewer of them out there than you might think. Many firms claim that through their advertising, dental practices can thrive. But when you look closely, those are general marketing firms applying traditional marketing techniques.

You’re not selling widgets, you’re solving dental problems and changing lives.

The easy and very effective solution to marketing your dental practice is to contact SmartBox. Thanks to our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™, we reliably deliver more and better patients to your practice so you can focus on doing the dentistry.

Our Patient Attraction System™  includes all the “tasks” listed above, and much more. It’s a turn-key solution to marketing your dental practice while having the time and energy to focus on doing what makes you money.

You can keep using a traditional approach to dental advertising – dental practices numbering in the tens of thousands still do. Or, you can get more patients, more profits, and more freedom. The choice is yours.

If you’d like to get off the dental advertising treadmill and get back to doing what you trained for and what you love, here’s your first step.

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Or Maybe You’re Not Sure Yet

Different dentists can have different goals for their practices. Some favor growth. Others focus on increasing their average case value so they don’t have to work so hard. Some dentists are at the stage where they’re more concerned about retirement. And a few want to completely dominate their markets.

SmartBox can help you determine whether your current approach to advertising your dental practice will help you reach your goals. Take the simple quiz below, answer eight brief questions, and you’ll have an instant analysis of how well your approach to advertising your dental practice is working.


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