Your Dental Patients “Oughta Be in Pictures”

Dental testimonial videos are crucial for your success in today’s “information economy.”

Dental prospects have more access to information about dentists than at any time in history. Your prospects expect to be able to see you, hear you, and to learn about you from the happy and satisfied patients you’ve treated.

And if they can’t learn all about you, they’ll almost certainly choose another dentist.

Dental Videos Done Well

Video should work for you, but far too many dentists’ videos work against them. You prospects aren’t expecting Hollywood-level production values, but the vast majority will insist on a certain level of quality. Remember, they have a wide choice of dentists in all but the very smallest markets.

To make sure that your dental videos are actually watched by your prospects, follow these 6 tips.

  1. The picture’s the thing.

The image quality of your video is vital to your success. Some of the newest smartphones have good cameras, but care must be taken to keep the camera steady and your subject well in the frame. Harsh shadows, too-bright lights, and distracting backgrounds (messy offices, wild art prints, or people passing through the shot) all detract from your videos’ impact.

  1. Sound can be tricky.

Your prospects need to be able to clearly focus on what your patients are saying. To make sure that happens, avoid “hallway interviews” during business hours. Shooting outdoors is unreliable due to wind noise, sirens, car horns, and passing vehicles. If you’re using a phone camera, the built-in microphone may or may not be able to capture the audio clearly.

  1. People matter.

No one outside of Hollywood expects the people giving patient testimonials to look like models or movie stars. But your patients need to be relatable on some level, or your audience will likely discount anything they have to say. Your patient also have to be able to tell a coherent story.

  1. The message matters

Testimonials about how wonderful everyone in your practice treats patients are good, but most dentists’ websites have far too many of them. If you want to attract bigger cases, you need testimonials from patients who have had significant work done. If you’re looking for more implants cases, be sure to have at least two and preferably more implant testimonials. The same goes for full-mouth reconstruction, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Editing is your friend.

Few people are comfortable being on camera, and even fewer speak in complete sentences. Your prospects aren’t expecting the equivalent of commercials. It’s perfectly acceptable to edit testimonial videos for greater coherence and impact. Just be sure that your patient know you’ll be editing. That way, you and your patients will avoid unpleasant surprises.

  1. Go wide.

Your testimonial videos should certainly appear on your website, but don’t stop there. You can and should have your own YouTube channel, and your videos will also find a home in your social media marketing. Just make sure that the viewer can easily access your website after watching one or more videos. Your website is usually the last source of information your prospects consult before deciding to choose you to solve their dental problems.

Follow these six tips for producing better-quality and higher-impact testimonial videos, and you have a greater chance to attract the patients who will help you grow your practice.