You CAN Have Everything You Want

Dentists are a diverse group with different goals for their professional lives.

A certain number want to stay busy and make money. Others want to not be so busy and still make money. There are some who want to not work so many days and/or hours. Still others want to retire early and comfortably. There are those who want more professional satisfaction by handling more of the cases they love to do.

A few want to build an empire, at least within their individual markets. And a few dentists probably want to be rich.

Those are all worthy goals. Unfortunately,the traditional price- and insurance-based approach to dental marketing is expected to make all of these goals attainable. That ain’t gonna happen.

“One-Trick Ponies” Need Not Apply

Here’s a homely but relevant example: Having just one “tool” in your toolbox isn’t going to allow you to build a cabinet, tune up a vehicle, address a plumbing problem, and perform brain surgery. In fact, the traditional marketing model is only suited for helping accomplish one of those goals: staying busy and making money.

And to make real money, dentists have to work long and hard, because price-based marketing is a race to the bottom that slashes dentists’ margins. It turns dentistry into a commodity business and commodity sales are all about volume.

You can make money that way, but you’ll work too hard for too long for not nearly as much as you could be making. And forget about having any significant time away from the practice.

You Need A Complete Set Of Marketing Tools

No single marketing “tool” will get dentists to all they places they might want to go – particularly as goals can and do change as dentists progress in their careers and professional development.

However, assembling a piecemeal tool kit isn’t the answer. You need the right tool for each task and the ability to use each tool with skill. That’s beyond the reach of the vast majority of dentists; and frankly, do-it-yourself dental marketing is a waste of dentists’ skills and talents. It also costs them money.

The answer is to retain the services of a dental practice-specific, dedicated marketing firm that has a proven record of providing comprehensive, coordinated, and strategic marketing services. That’s the kind of system that can be tailored to successfully deliver the results that support reaching dentists’ goals, no matter what they may be.

Consider SmartBox

SmartBox was created specifically for dentists to help them achieve success on their terms. Our industry-leading Patient Attraction System® provides integrated, coordinated, and strategic marketing services to dentists on three continents.

Regardless of what your professional and practice goals might be, SmartBox will help you reach them.

You can discover what’s possible for your practice by investing about the amount of time you need to place a single crown or a dental implant. Schedule a non-obligation  Roadmap call. Following the call, you’ll receive your completely personalized Roadmap to professional success and satisfaction as you define them.

You CAN have everything you want when you partner with SmartBox.