Write Your Own Book – Look like an Expert in a Weekend?

Hopefully you have a focused area of expertise in dentistry that you are able to sit down and rattle off loads of patient level information. You probably do it all day long during consultations and just never think that you could have your own book and be a real author in just a weekend.

I’m not saying you should give up a nice summer day, but if you are left along and have few other excuses you can do this very easily. In my case I wanted to knock out a few books in the last month before I turned the BIG 5-0 and Alzheimer’s fully set in. For me most of the books were to help dentists with marketing so some of the titles included ‘High Speed Braces’ and ‘Toothache Marketing’, but I also wrote one for patients called ‘High Speed Braces?’.

I first heard about Blurb.com for self-publishing from a magazine article and within a few days the books were flowing. You hopefully have some cases where you take before and after photographs, and if you don’t then now is the time to start. Also get a written testimonial from happy patients and also get a smart phone testimonial any time you can. That’s a whole other topic so I can save that for another day (but examples are in my book).

Blurb makes it very easy and you can either do the editing on your computer by downloading their free program, or you can do it on their site. I’ve done it both ways and I guess they both work but if you have photos on your computer it may be faster to do the downloaded version. You can dabble with the size, format, and all the essentials and when you are done simply preview and order a copy. If you just upload it and don’t order one the book will be deleted with a couple weeks.

I think the easiest thing to try is a book on smile makeovers, so you can review a number of your favorite procedures and simply avoid the gore and show off the before and the after photographs. Don’t worry if the photos are out of focus a little or you will never get it done. Patients don’t give a rat’s…I mean they don’t care that much about the same things that dentists fuss about so don’t become paralyzed. Pretend you have a tight deadline and you MUST get it done or you will get a ZERO.

Patient testimonials are great. You can really build confidence in your patients by showing others have had the same problems and you’ve been able to help. In my case I combine ‘shorter term orthodontics’ and composite bonding into a service marketed under the trademark ‘High Speed Braces’ so I feel very strongly about it. When patients know you can write a book about a topic it is clear that their level of respect goes through the roof.

A very fun bonus is once you have the book, you can duplicate it on blurb.com and simply change the cover or update it on the fly. You can’t do this with a regular book where you need to fill your garage with copies to meet a certain minimum. Imagine the power of selecting your VIP patients and doing a couple special editions for them for a nominal fee? Imagine how special they will feel and all the friends they would show it to?

Finally you can take the book and upload it on your website. Doing this actually lets web visitors turn the pages and read the book and they can share it on Facebook or Twitter as easily as you can. It also helps boost your google ranking and don’t forget you can order actual books in soft/hard cover and use them in your office or GIVE them to patients. If you give a book to a patient who is considering a $5000 procedure, you will certainly increase your sales levels more than enough to cover the books you share.

Dr. Michael 'Yar' ZukIf you would like to see how I used my own book on my personal website visit www.RedDeerHighSpeedBraces.ca.

Michael ‘Yar’ Zuk, DDS
The ‘UnCosmetic Dentist’- You CAN make millions not doing veneers!
Marketing Consultant to HighSpeedBraces.org, Killertoothache.com.

“Yar…you are without a doubt the #1 smartest marketing dentist on earth!! Thanks for always being YOU!!!” – Dr. Howard Farran, CEO of Dentaltown

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