Why Play A Game You Can’t Win?

It’s said that numbers don’t lie. However, they can be misinterpreted.

The 2016 Dental Economics-Levin Group Practice Survey revealed that the average case acceptance rate for dentists is 61 percent. That’s a great “batting average” if you’re playing baseball. Pretty poor if you’re a dentist who’s not getting 4 out of 10 profitable cases.

The news from the 2017 Survey isn’t any better. Practice growth isn’t bad at 2.4 percent, but production is essentially flat. As the report put it, the profession has entered a period of stagnation due to increased competition from dental service organizations, a decline in dental hygiene production, and declining insurance reimbursements among others.

Look At Your Own Numbers

A few key metrics will allow you to predict the future of your dental practice. Look at the trends in your average case value, your case acceptance rate, and your production over the last three years.

If you’re trending upward on all three metrics, congratulations! You’re the rare exception. But here’s the thing – you’re almost certainly working too hard for too long for too little. Dentists everywhere report being swamped with patients and having to practically run between operatories trying to keep up with a jammed schedule. At the same time, average case value has dropped.

This ain’t a pretty picture for independent dentists today. But the nice thing about pictures is that they can be changed.

You’re Playing The Wrong Game

The vast majority of dentists in this country treat dentistry as a commodity business where the lowest price sells the most. That’s a short-sighted view of what’s historically viewed as one of the two best professions in the country.

With the rise of dental service organizations and the corporate dental chains, commodity dentistry is a losing proposition for independent dentists. The organizations have economies of scale that the private dentist can’t hope to match as well as expanded availability that snaps up working dental prospects.

You don’t have to play the low price game!

There’s a proven way to take yourself permanently out of the “just another dentist” category. Becoming the dentist of choice for prospects who aren’t driven primarily by low price or insurance coverage means you can work less, earn more, and practice the dentistry you want on your terms.

It Starts With A Phone Call

SmartBox helps dentists on three continents get the better dental patients they want. With higher average case value, SmartBox dentists can practice the dentistry they want and actually have time away from the practice to spend with family and friends.

The power of our industry-leading Patient Attraction System® makes the difference for these dentists. It can make that difference for you.

Reserve your complimentary, no-obligation Roadmap call. Invest the amount of time it takes you to place a single dental implant or crown. We’ll explore the future success of your practice and even send you your customized Roadmap to help you reach that future. It’s yours to use in whatever way you like.

Today’s dentistry is a no-win game for independent dentists. It’s time to play your own game.