Why Aren’t You Getting The Dental Patients You Want?

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat: if you enjoy treadmill dentistry and aren’t looking for better, you can stop reading right now. This post is for dentists who have had enough of running between rooms, doing unending routine exams and drill-and-fills, slashing their prices, and getting beaten up by dental insurance companies.

Assuming that you’re ready for betterbetter patients, better practice, better bottom line, and more time away from the practice – read on.

When You Settle, You Lose

The current model of dental marketing is price-based. With any number of practices in one market trying to undercut the others, getting too many low-value patients is a foregone conclusion. It cannot be otherwise.

You wind up settling for what walks in the door and working too hard for too long for too little in return. You wind up opening earlier, staying later, and even adding days of service… all so you can get worked to death.

How much would you give for new patients whose first questions aren’t “Do you take my insurance?” and “Does my insurance cover this?”

How much would you give for new patients who don’t much care what insurance will cover and who arrive at your practice ready to move forward?

What’s it worth to you to be able to be greater part of children’s lives, to spend more time with your spouse, and to have the energy to enjoy life?

SmartBox Makes It Happen

We’re a practice growth firm specializing in turning your marketing into bottom-line profits. We help more than 4,000 dentists get the new patients they want. We help them achieve a position where they don’t have to settle.

Instead, they have the freedom to practice the dentistry they want.

Dr. Todd Resek of Oakmont, Pennsylvania is a case in point. “I enjoy implants,” he said. “I’m looking for more dental implant cases, and also my interest in sleep apnea. We’re exploring implants and sleep apnea through different methods in marketing with SmartBox, and it is working out exactly as I had hoped, and even better. I have every confidence in SmartBox. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. SmartBox is an investment that is well worth it. I’m a very happy subscriber.”

He’s a case in point, but he’s just one of many.

Dr. Travis Watson of Marietta, Georgia is on track to beat $3 million this year, even if he decides to take a day off.

Dr. Michelle Haynes of Highlands Ranch, Colorado is enjoying 30% year-over-year growth AND a 20:1 return on her marketing investment!

Dr. Mitchel Friedman of Lincroft, New Jersey, increased his average case size from $2500 to $4600!

Get Yours

How do you define success as a dentist? SmartBox will help you achieve it.

All it takes to discover what’s possible for your practice is an investment of time, about as much as you need to place a single crown. Invest that time in a Practice Growth call. It’s a deep dive into your success goals, the competitive forces arrayed against you, and how you can achieve those goals.

Following the call, we’ll send your completely personalized Roadmap to the success you want.

Are you ready for better? Then make the call.