Where Do You See Your Dental Practice In 5 Years?

Dentists who aren’t growth-minded should stop reading right now. For everyone else (with apologies to that well-known credit card commercial), there’s SmartBox.

If you read Tuesday’s blog, you know that SmartBox has evolved its core identity, and its products and services, to become a Practice Growth company. This isn’t a mere name change – it’s recognizing what we’ve already been doing for the last 18 months or so.

What’s the difference between a marketing company and a practice growth company? Two words: reach and specificity.

Covering ALL The Bases

You might be of the opinion that marketing companies pretty much do the same things, and that’s understandable. There are only so many platforms and vehicles that can be used to promote a dental practice, and there’s an increasing trend toward providing comprehensive marketing services to dental practices.

SmartBox has provided comprehensive services nearly since its inception, so we’re somewhat flattered that other firms have decided to imitate us.

But marketing can only go so far. It’s one thing to get new patient opportunities (NPOs). It’s another to convert those NPOs into appointed patients. That’s one area where the vast majority of marketing companies fall down; they can (maybe) get your phones ringing, but converting those prospects is something that marketing firms typically don’t help with.

Every NPO that doesn’t result in a new patient in your chairs is a waste of your marketing investment.

SmartBox’s proprietary, dental practice specific Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification program is designed to help your front office become a new patient-appointing powerhouse.

With few exceptions, full-service marketing firms focus solely on new patients. However, you should know that it costs five times more to attract a new patient than it does to retain a patient who’s already on your books. If your current provider doesn’t help you keep what you have, you’re paying too much to stay in business.

Finally, what does your marketing firm do to help you clarify your practice goals, develop an overarching strategy, and define the actionable tactics to implement that strategy? That’s not just business consulting talk; it’s how big things get done in the real world.

As a Practice Growth company, SmartBox offers several levels of expert consulting services to dental practice owners. Which leads us to the other differentiator – specificity.

Specificity: What’s Your Idea Of Growth?

Radical idea: more isn’t necessarily better. Better is better.

What’s your idea of better as it relates to practice growth? Do you simply want a growing patient base? Are you looking to increase your average case value so you can either make more money overall? Or would you prefer to see fewer patients but make the same money or even more?

Are you expansion-minded when it comes to growth? Expansion takes in breadth of services offered, additional practice locations, or both.

Or are you looking to increase your practice’s value so you can sell at the price you want and at the time you want?

Regardless of your idea of practice growth, SmartBox has the expertise, the services, and the products to help you achieve it.

So, where do you see your practice in 5 years? Are you doing more of the same, or do you want betteryour way?

Here’s a modest proposal: schedule a Roadmap call. It’s an investment of the amount of time you need to place a single dental crown or an implant. The call is a deep dive into your goals, the competitive forces in your market, and how you’ll reach those goals.

Following the call, we’ll send your completely personalized Roadmap to your success.

It’s literally your call, doctor – keep getting not enough, or realize the freedom and achievement that better brings.