When Your Front Office Leaks New Dental Patients

At SmartBox, we know from experience that virtually every dentist believes that their front office team members do a great job appointing new patients.

Since we track and analyze our doctors’ incoming practice calls, we know that front offices don’t always walk on water, unfortunately. We discovered an amazing number of unanswered calls, qualified patients who weren’t appointed, and numerous hangups due to being transferred and/or placed on hold.

No one is saying that this describes your front office, but here’s the question: as a busy dentist, scrambling between rooms trying to keep up with a packed schedule, how do you know? You certainly don’t have time to hang around the front office listening to your staff. You likely don’t have the time or inclination to listen to recordings of calls, even if you record them.

SmartBox decided to do something about this problem, and the result is two innovative products that can transform your new patient conversion results!


PracticeHQ™ is our comprehensive, single-source marketing dashboard. You can view nearly every aspect of your marketing and get near-real-time performance data.

At a glance, you can see:

  • New Patient Opportunity 3-month trends (or customize your own date range):
    • New Patient Opportunity calls by day/time
    • Answered call rate
    • Missed calls
    • New Patients Appointed/Not Appointed
    • New Patient Opportunity conversion rate
    • Call recordings/analysis
    • New Patient Opportunity form submissions
  • Paid media campaign performance
  • New website visitors and time-on-site
  • Social media performance
  • RAVE review feedback
  • Form fill information

And much more.

PracticeHQ™ allows you to detect and address issues with your front office team members’ phone skills. But wouldn’t it be better to avoid issues in the first place?

Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification

This is SmartBox’s proprietary, dental practice-specific training program designed to turn your front office into a new patient-appointing powerhouse. The training is available online and on-demand, so your staff can complete it as time permits.

SmartBox’s Patient Attraction Phone Training™ is based on principles of applied psychology and our experience with hundreds of dental practices around the English-speaking world.

This proprietary training course provides on-demand video content, step-by-step instructions, and real-world examples to effectively teach your staff how to close more new patient opportunities.

SmartBox adds new training modules several times a year, so your staff can continually refine their new patient conversion skills. Your subscription includes UNLIMITED access for you and your entire staff for just $247/month.

Up to 8 CE credits may also be available for completing this course. Our Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification is a win for your practice all the way around!

Enormously Effective AND Affordable

When you choose the combination of our PracticeHQ™ marketing dashboard and our Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification course, you’ll be able to track you marketing results in real time while also converting more new patient callers to paying patients!

To learn more about how our innovative products and services can transform your practice, visit our website Products page. And if you’d like to discuss any of our products with a friendly and highly knowledgeable person, call one of our Digital Practice Consultants at (502) 509-1413 for more information.