What To Expect On A SmartBox Practice Growth Call

If you’re thinking about contacting SmartBox to explore the dental Practice Growth Services we offer, prepare yourself for a very agreeable experience.

It’s essentially a two-part process: determine exactly what you need to realize your growth goals, and for SmartBox to lay out a precise path to get you there.

First Call – Gather Information

The purpose of the first call is to answer your questions, and to gather the information we need to develop a custom growth plan for your practice.   

We ask questions about your practice: your goals, your current state, your desired state and more.  We ask about your marketing: how you get new patients, your media, calls generated, how calls are handled, how many set appointments, show ups, accepted treatment, and more.  

This is not a sales call.  The entire purpose is to get the answers we need to prepare for our SECOND CALL, where we present findings and make recommendations. 


In preparation for the second call, a team of SmartBox experts analyze your website, local listings, SEO, content, social media presence, online reputation, and more, including the presence or absence of certain systems, processes and procedures that drive growth. 

Then, based on information gathered in the first call and our experts’ analysis, we prepare a detailed Report Of Findings, and a Practice Growth Roadmap, including the steps we recommend to keep your chairs filled with quality patients, and get you on track to REACH or EXCEED every goal discussed on our first call. 

Second Call: Report Of Findings

On the second call, we present our Report Of Findings and your Practice Growth Roadmap, both prepared by an entire team of SmartBox practice growth experts exclusively for your practice. 

The Report Of Findings is like a score card – an expert evaluation of how well systems, processes and procedures that drive practice growth are being utilized are being utilized in your practice now. 

The Practice Growth Roadmap is an ACTION PLAN that details how to strengthen weaknesses and MAXIMIZE every important system, process and procedure that drives growth.  

We present a DETAILED and FULLY actionable strategy. 

Custom Program Designed Exclusively For Your Practice

Every SmartBox client wants some combination of: more patients, better patients, a full schedule, a smooth running office, and implementation of systems and processes that drive growth, run seamlessly in the background, and leaves them free to do dentistry.

Every level of service we offer is customized for your practice, based on: 1) what YOU decide your practice needs after reviewing the expert analysis we prepare, and: 2) on how fast you want your practice to grow.   

The difference between SmartBox levels of service, which run from a low of about $3000 a month to a high of $10,000 a month or more, is determined PRIMARILY by you.  

At this point, we discuss which growth-drivers make will make the biggest difference in your practice.  Then, we recommend a level of service that fits your budget, is customized to your needs, and will get the ball rolling, with SmartBox driving growth and handling everything.  And you spending the majority of your time doing dentistry. 

It’s Always Your Call

At this point, you’ve invested some time. In return, you’ve received a detailed analysis of gaps in your current systems, and a precise map of how to get where you want to go.

If you decide that you don’t want the kind of phenomenal growth and profitability that SmartBox provides for our clients, we’ll thank you and wish you well. If you do decide to partner with SmartBox, there’s the predictable paperwork followed by a meeting.

Kickstart Meeting

Once you become a SmartBox client, we schedule a Kickstart Call to review your enrollment agreement and scope of services, and discuss initial goals, current marketing initiatives, and more. 

We’ll need approval on your website design. After that, it’s pretty much a matter of you spending the majority of your time doing the dentistry with motivated, higher-value, treatment-ready patients. We handle everything else.

And it all starts with scheduling a Practice Growth Call.