What Kind Of Dental Career Will You Look Back On?

All things come to an end, they say, and very few people continue working until the day they pass on. You might be one of those very few, but odds are that you’ll decide to leave dentistry one day, either to start your next venture or to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

When that day comes, how will you sum up your career as a dentist? 

Will you say that you wished you had worked longer and harder?

Will you say that you did a lot of routine exams and drill and fills?

Will you say that insurance was the bane of your professional existence?

Will you say that competition forced you to join a DSO, which you hated?


Or will you echo Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) and proudly claim that you did it your way? 

That you had interesting and rewarding cases, grateful patients, plenty of money, and time away from your practice to enjoy the rest of life?

It’s fair to say that Dr. Todd Resek, Oakmont, Pennsylvania, favors interesting and rewarding. He said, “We always compare the current month that we’re in to that month last year, a year ago. So, last August, we received 33 patient phone calls, and we were happy about it. And this month, in the first full month of SmartBox, we received 67 new patient calls – patients that are scheduled. So, they’re on our books, they’re scheduled.

“I enjoy implants. I’m looking for more dental implant cases, and also my interest in sleep apnea. We’re exploring implants and sleep apnea through different methods in marketing with SmartBox, and it is working out exactly as I had hoped, and even better. They do exactly what they say they are going to do.”

Put The Odds In Your Favor

You can keep doing what the vast majority of dentists do – advertising low price, specials, discounts, coupons, insurance acceptance, and so forth – or you can step up your game.

That means targeting the prospects in your market who represent greater value for your practice. You might not think they’re out there, but SmartBox’s research shows that in almost every market, between 20 and 40 percent of prospects have the ability and willingness to go fee for service for the right dentist.

Like Dr. Resek, you can have more implant or apnea cases. You can have more cosmetic dentistry, or full-mouth reconstruction cases. You can become the dentist of choice for orthodontia, if you offer that. When you attract higher-value cases, you can work less and earn more. Or work the same number of hours and earn a lot more.

It Starts With A Phone Call

SmartBox is a comprehensive practice growth company. We not only help dentists get more of the new patients they want, we help them lead their teams to answer more incoming calls, appoint more new patients, ensure those patients attend their appointment, and that they accept case solutions.

That’s the formula for growth and success, and it can be yours. 

Discover what SmartBox can do for your dental practice. Schedule a Practice Growth Call with Ashley Best. 

For an investment of your time, you’ll receive our Summary of Findings about what’s working and not working in your current practice growth efforts, and your personalized Practice Growth Roadmap that lays out specifically how you can overcome all obstacles and achieve the kind of retirement you’ve always dreamed about.

When the time comes to look back on your career as a dentist, you’ll be very pleased.