The Race is OFF for Dentists

Ever have those days when you feel like you’re on roller skates? From talking with hundreds of dentists, that’s a major issue for many dentists now that the economy is booming. They complain of practically being on roller skates between operatories, trying to keep up with a jam-packed scheduletust

As attractive as the prospect of making a lot of money might be, this situation isn’t sustainable in the long run. You simply can’t work too hard for too long and expect to have a lengthy career in dentistry. It’s even harder if your days are filled with fairly unrewarding cases – routine exams, drill-and-fills, and the occasional crown or inlay.

While it may sound counter-intuitive, the way to win the race for success is to stop running.

Work Better, Not Harder

Let’s face it, almost every dental practice is going to perform routine exams. It’s what happens after the exam that makes the difference in achieving the kind of success you want.

You certainly see some patients who need fairly extensive work done. How successful are you in getting those patients to agree to your case solutions? Half? Less? How often do patients challenge you or argue about your recommendations?

There are two reasons why it’s tough to sell a lot of your ideas. The first is that many of your patients, even those with insurance, may not be able to afford the care they need. Many dentists get around that by offering various forms of payment plans.

The second reason why case solutions are hard to sell is that you haven’t established trust with your patients. A lot of dentists bristle when they hear that, but you shouldn’t take it personally.

It’s true that dentists are professionals and widely assumed to be competent; those factors work in your favor and should help to build trust. However, dentists aren’t universally assumed to be trustworthy, and you can thank corporate dentistry’s failures and unethical individual dentists for that fact.

Your reluctant patients aren’t worried about you being able to achieve the results you promise. They’re concerned that they’re being overcharged and/or oversold, and that can be a tough thing to overcome.

Prepare Your Prospects to Agree

What if the vast majority of your new patients arrived at your practice predisposed to accept your case solutions? Does that sound impossible?  SmartBox dentist Travis Watson of Marietta, Georgia knows that it’s quite real.

He said, “It’s been nothing but great in terms of getting the new patients, and not only getting the new patients, but pre-qualifying the patient. The website itself just prequalifies patients to help them sort of understand the industry a little more so that we can go ahead and get into the nuts and bolts of their treatment options and not have to go through so much education on the front ends. Ever since we’ve been working with SmartBox, which was two and a half years ago, we have seen a tremendous return on our investment.”

SmartBox helps dentists thrive by providing a steady stream of better patients so our doctors can focus on doing the dentistry. Better patients have the ability and willingness to pay more for the right dentist. Because we do the work of building their trust in you, they arrive at your office predisposed to accept your case solutions. And they don’t care much about cost or dental insurance.

With better patients in your chairs, you can make as much or more money without having to race from operatory to operatory. You can even focus more on the cases you love to do.

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Work better, not harder, with SmartBox. You can stop running and win the race for success on your own terms.