The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success

Colin Receveur, CEO 0f SmartBox, has done it again. He’s written the definitive book to help dentists thrive.

Rise UP! The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success, is being released shortly, and it contains hope and help for dentists who want the success they’re due.

Dentists who purchase this book – at a ridiculously low price – will learn how to take and hold the “high ground” of better dental patients in their markets. Those are the patients that who will keep your practice secure through good economic times and bad.

This isn’t another “bright, shiny dental marketing object.” It’s a carefully considered, fully integrated, and proven systematic approach to attracting the patients you want and need to secure your future.

As Dr. David Moffet of graciously wrote in the Foreword:

“I’m excited about this book, and I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of the dental offices that apply the principles and systems that are explained on the pages inside.

“This book is a game-changer. Read it once, and then reread it. Then read it again. Highlight it. Write in it. Bend the corners of the pages.

“But most importantly, use the information inside this book. Put the ideas and concepts into action in your dental office.

“These ideas are not theories. They are tried and proven.”

Nope, this is light years away from a “bright, shiny, dental marketing object.” You’ll learn everything you need to implement the techniques and begin attracting better dental patients.

Go Ahead, Bend the Page Corners

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside the book:

Foreword Dr. David Moffet, BDS, FPFA, CSP

First Thoughts

Introduction Being Busy Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Chapter 1 Take the High Ground: Attraction

Chapter 2 Plant Your Flag: Conversion

Chapter 3 Patrol Your Territory: Follow-Up

Chapter 4 Intelligence Gathering: Tracking

Chapter 5 Call in the Elite Troops: SmartBox

Chapter 6 Cases in Point

Appendix Meanwhile, Back at the Bunker …

Additional Resources

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Dentists have different goals for their practices. Some are focused on ensuring a very comfortable retirement. Some are looking to dominate their markets. And some, like Dr.  Scott Watterson of Jackson, Michigan, want to make enough money while preserving a good work/life balance.

He said, “I have four kids and a wife and we’re all busy, but sometimes being busy practicing dentistry is not what I want to be busy doing. I coach soccer, I am involved with my kids’ lives, I value my marriage and we spend a lot of time together, but not enough. And so, at the end of the day, at the end of life, I want to be able to look back and say I spent the time I needed to with those that mattecolnred most. And so, focusing on dentistry that frees up my time to be out of the office more is a huge thing.”

Whatever your definition of success, Rise UP! The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success will help you achieve them.

Order your copy today at for just the cost of shipping.