The Cost Of Transforming Your Dental Practice Is Only Going To Increase

There are about 120,000 practicing dentists in the United States. Based on what many of them tell us when they contact SmartBox, about 10 percent are practicing the kind of dentistry they really want. The other 90 percent take what they can get.

Most of them see dentistry as an endurance contest.

This is a dismal picture. Did all those dentists spend four long years in dental school to tolerate their profession? Is this what the first- or second-best profession in the country has been reduced to?

We don’t think so. We think that dentists can and should transform their practices into what they want.

Introducing The Practice Transformation Seminar!

Dr. Ron Receveur of New Albany, Indiana used to be “just another dentist.” He spent some 30 years in general practice and made a decent living at it.

However, he saw the writing on the corporate dentistry “wall” and decided that he didn’t want to have to compete. Over the course of a number of years, he found the keys to transforming his practice to put himself beyond the reach of the corporate machine.

Today, Dr. Ron works just three days a week doing only what he loves – consultations and dental implants – and he’s out of the office by 3PM almost every day.

Not only is he doing what he loves, he’s richly rewarded. Dr. Ron grew his practice from $800K to nearly $3.5 million in just five years!

And now, he’s going to teach what he learned about Practice Transformation!

The Practice Transformation Seminar

May 16-17, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee!

If you don’t reserve a place in the seminar that can transform the trajectory of your practice, you’ll miss out on this invaluable information:

  • How to transition from insurance dependency and general practice – the fears, the steps, and the missteps
  • How to market to attract the patients you want
  • Why charging $300-$500 for a consult beats “free consults” EVERY time
  • How to become THE Expert in your niche and market area
  • How to train your staff and hire the RIGHT people (your “dream team”)
  • How to talk to the patients and close the BIG cases
  • How to overcome every objection from your patients before they occur
  • How to get 92% of your patients approved for financing for their treatment
  • The ONE place most dentists HEMORRHAGE money and don’t know it
  • Why you must and how to DOMINATE your market area
  • Hear directly from Ron’s “#2” and why she’s critical to achieving case acceptance
  • How to create and track your funnel so you know EVERY step is converting at the optimum level

If that’s the kind of success you want, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity, and SAVE!

Here’s how it breaks out. Register for the Seminar by:

March 15: PAY ONLY $1795 (SAVE $795!)

April 15:   $2245

After May 1 Full Price $2590

Why pay more for something you really want to do? Reserve your place by March 15th!

The Dental Practice Transformation Seminar

May 16-17, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee!

*Eligible for 12 CE Credits too!*

If you need more information about the game-changing Dental Practice Transformation Seminar, contact Lora Mindel by calling (502) 305-1334 or email [email protected].