What Your Dental Marketing Is Missing

There’s an old folk song that you might have heard at one time or another: “There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea.” It’s really catchy and terminally cute when children sing it.

Having a hole in your dental marketing is anything but cute. Until and unless you plug that hole, it will drain an enormous amount of your hard-earned marketing dollars into nothingness.

The Invisible Gap

Dentists who manage their own marketing are generally pretty savvy about most things. They’re careful to cover the usual bases online and off – website, social media, review sites, pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, newspaper ads, and so on.

The end goal of marketing is to get new patients to pick up the phone and call your practice for an appointment. And that’s where the hole is, all too often – at the practice’s front desk.

Most dentists bristle at the mere suggestion that their front office staff don’t do a wonderful job appointing new patient callers. That’s understandable – the vast majority of people who answer dental practice phones are good people doing the best they can. But very few of those people have any formal training in converting callers to appointed patients.

No matter how good your marketing may be, it’s wasted if every possible prospect who calls your practice isn’t appointed.

Plugging That Hole Isn’t Easy, Unless…

Phone training can significantly increase the number of new patients for almost any practice. But when dentists start researching their phone training options, it can be very confusing. A large number of companies offer their own versions of phone training, and very few of those are designed for the needs of dental practices.

As well, those various training programs feature a wide range of price points, length of training, and measures to ensure that your staff continues to follow the training. And beyond all that, not all phone training programs can equally address your practice’s needs.

Dental patients have a unique set of needs, hopes, and fears. When they call your practice, all three of those factors are in play. And anyone on your end of the phone who isn’t trained in understanding and dealing with those issues will lose quite a few of those prospects to your competition.

…You Choose SmartBox

SmartBox offers proprietary, dental practice-specific Phone Training & Certification program. It’s specifically designed to meet the needs of dental practices to help them appoint many new patients and to grow their practices.

Our Phone Training & Certification program is scalable to meet the needs of any size dental practice. We provide measures that other phone training programs often don’t – mystery calls, phone tracking, call quality analysis to identify ongoing issues, and much more.

Most dentists who take advantage of SmartBox’s Phone Training & Certification program find that their staff appoints so many new patients that the investment is recouped in one to two months. After that, it’s pure profit for those practices.

You might believe that your marketing doesn’t have a hole. Hopefully, you’re right. But there’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s to enlist an outside company to determine your staff’s competence in appointing new patient callers.