Stop Cursing Your Dental Marketing!

There are vast numbers of dentists around the world who would prefer to focus more on actually doing the dentistry. One of the reasons they can’t is the need to keep their chairs full by marketing their practices. That costs time, energy, and attention.

Maybe this is you. If so, did you know that handling your own marketing, or having the wrong marketing company, can actually cost you money?

That might seem counterintuitive. Here are the reasons it’s true.

You’re A Dentist, Not A Marketer

You might have a talent for the various aspects of today’s online marketing. However, you don’t devote the same amount of time and attention as does someone who’s trained and makes his or her living at marketing.

As the internet is one of, if not the, fastest-changing areas of human endeavor, it takes a huge time commitment to remain current on the many, many changes.

Beyond that, marketing doesn’t directly make you one thin dime. You make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems. Every hour you spend on your marketing costs you – during business hours, it costs you your hourly rate. You can run the math yourself – given your average case value, how many new patients do you need each month to offset the lost revenue?

If you deal with marketing after business hours, it still costs you. Handling your own marketing costs you time with loved ones, with friends, or just pursuing the activities that recharge you.

Are You Getting What You Pay For?

You may well have a marketing company. Hopefully, you’re getting everything you pay for. The question is whether what you’re getting is what you need.

When it comes to dental marketing, there’s only one metric that really matters, and that’s new patient butts in your chairs. Everything else – likes, shares, clicks, impressions, and so on – is a means to that end. Hundreds of thousands of likes and shares won’t put a single dollar in your pocket if new patients don’t pick up the phone and call schedule an appointment.

Unfortunately, there are far too many marketing companies out there that don’t get that idea. If yours is one of them, and you’re not getting enough new patients or the patients you want, it’s time to have a serious talk with the people you’re paying.  

That’s not a comfortable prospect for many dentists. Fortunately, Colin Receveur has written a veritable “how-to” guide!

Colin dissects the usual reasons why dentists waste time doing their own marketing or riding herd on a company they’re paying to get them more patients.

Moreover, he lays out a systematic approach to keeping your chairs full and practicing the dentistry you want.

You can get your copy here. Just pay $4.95 to cover the boxing and shipping – about the cost of a latte.

We’re confident that after you read this groundbreaking work, you’ll ask yourself why you ever devoted a single hour of your valuable time to your marketing.

Stop cursing your marketing and enjoy the many benefits of getting all the new patients you want!