Stand By for the Q2 2018 SmartBox Challenge Results!

SmartBox dentists are rising to the Challenge!

The SmartBox Challenge was born out of our hard data showing that 1) far too many incoming calls to dental practices went unanswered, and 2) that far too many new patient callers were never appointed. That was unacceptable to us – we will get dentists’ phones ringing, but the actual conversion from prospect to patient is up to the front office.

So we decided to do something about it. Starting in January of this year, we issued a challenge to our dentists’ staff: answer as many calls during business hours as possible, and appoint every possible new patient caller. To create a level playing field, the percentage scores for each of those metrics are averaged to create an overall ranking.

To incentivize our doctors’ staff, SmartBox is directly paying for thousands of dollars in quarterly awards, and three fabulous annual awards worth $2000, $5000, and $10000 respectively.

Our Docs’ Staffs Rock

The Q1 2018 results were amazing, and very gratifying. We’re not going to release the names of any practices, but we will share the top 13 scores. Three of the top finishers (in red) were ineligible for awards this quarter for a variety of reasons, but we congratulate those practices on their outstanding performances.

Again, the SmartBox Challenge Score is a function of the percentage of incoming calls answered and the percentage of new patient callers appointed.



Each of the eligible top 10 practices will receive $200 in gift cards, courtesy of SmartBox. The criteria remain the same throughout the year, so placing high in the standings is no harder from one quarter to the next.

All SmartBox dental practices are automatically entered into the Challenge unless they choose to opt out.

The Rewards Are Many

After being notified of her practice’s second-place finish in the quarter standings, and that the practice would receive $200 in gift cards, the grateful dentist responded, “This is amazing. Thank You!”

It bears noting that this particular dentist’s practice received an average of 303 new patient calls a month during the first quarter. While we’d never claim that average to be typical of our dentists, it does demonstrate what is possible when you partner with SmartBox.

Even though we’re at the end of the second quarter of 2018, it’s not too late by any means for you to partner with SmartBox and reap the many benefits.

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You’ll see why SmartBox dentists find their relationship with us to be very rewarding.