Social Media Marketing: What Really Matters

What Do Patients REALLY “Click” On Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter?

Many dental marketing firms out there make social media marketing seem like “rocket science,” and are leading their dentist clients to invest their marketing dollars in the hype of Social Media, leaving them [the “dental marketers”] as the only one with cash in their pocket when the music stops…

And Here’s Why:

Facebook is revolutionary, but in order to “Friend” someone, you have to know them first. Even on your Facebook Business Page, for them to “Like” you, they have to know you. Would you “Friend” or “Like” a complete stranger? Of course you wouldn’t.

Facebook is a FOLLOW-UP Medium… a way to keep in touch with patients and prospects that you already know.

So Where Should You Focus Your Time?

EyeTrackShop just completed an eye tracking study of people browsing various social sites. Why does this matter? Because it definitively shows you exactly where your prospective patients are looking. And where people are looking is where you want to be…

Here’s What Really Matters to Dentists in the Social Media Arena

1. Profile pictures matter, and attracted the most attention on Facebook.

You can see clearly (right image) the main focus of where your patients are looking is on your profile picture and your most recent status update. Notice the LAST advertising position gets more eye-views than the top position. In the left image, take notice of the path their eyes follow. (Click images to enlarge)


2. Job title garnered more attention than profile photo on LinkedIn.

In fact, it got more attention than anything else on the page.(Click images to enlarge)


3. Who you know does matter.

People always look at those little thumbnails of friends that appear on many social profiles. You can see this in the data from the Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ profiles.(Click images to enlarge)


4. Content is still king.

The further your posts are down the page, the (exponentially) fewer number of people look at it.(Click images to enlarge)


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Big thanks goes to our friends at EyeTrackShop for putting this eye-tracking study together.