SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company

Welcome to our 10-blog series on getting the most from your dental marketing. This series examines different aspects of dental practice marketing with an eye toward helping you understand what’s needed for maximum performance.

We’ve listed what is arguably the most important aspect first – if your current company doesn’t understand how to motivate dental patients to choose your practice, why are you paying them?

Does Your Marketing Company “Get” Dental Patients?

That’s an important question for this reason: Any marketing firm that doesn’t fully understand what motivates a target audience – their unique wants, hopes, and fears – is not going to deliver the results you want.

Dental patients are a target audience, but they’re not a monolithic audience. Some people want a great smile. Others want to eat the foods they love without discomfort. Still others want that seemingly permanent bad breath to go away. Some just want a healthier mouth.

The bottom line is that all of those prospects want something that only a dentist can deliver. “General” marketing techniques don’t speak to those concerns. You’re not a lawyer trying to attract accident victims, you’re a skilled medical professional who changes lives in many different ways

Dental prospects have a unique set of wants, hopes, and fears. The dentist they choose will be the one who they believe understands those want, hopes, and needs and won’t judge them. You need a dental marketing company with a firm grasp of how to motivate dental patients to choose your practice rather than a competitor’s.

So, ask your marketing firm: Do you work ONLY with dentists? If the answer is “No,” consider switching to dedicated dental marketing services provider.

SmartBox works helps more than a thousand dentists on three continents attract the patients they want. It takes a very deep understanding to be able to target and successfully attract only orthodontic patients, cosmetic dentistry patients, and implant patients. It takes a comprehensive dental marketing approach to implement that insight selectively for each market segment.

Reports From The Field

SmartBox dentist Dr. Sean Hanson in Salem, Oregon puts it this way. “I like the fact that Colin’s dad was a dentist and that he really only works with dentists. You see a lot of the marketing agencies that do a lot of wonderful web marketing, but it’s not necessarily geared towards dentists, it’s just geared toward business in general. I think that that can be good, but I also think that you can miss something because dental is an interesting niche, and so that was one of the things that really intrigued me.”

Dr. Dick Davenport in Laredo, Texas agrees. “I was looking for a company that knew what high quality dental marketing was. Over years, I’ve dealt with probably three to four different companies before I moved to SmartBox. I visited with Collin, and it was obvious from my conversation with him, and his family background, that he understood dentistry, and that he knew what needed to be done to promote a dental practice appropriately and effectively. I’ve been very happy with the results that we’ve received with SmartBox.”

Get What You Pay For… And More

One size marketing definitely does not fit all, and it won’t return the results you want and need to make your dental practice all it can be.

Whether your goal is to simply grow your revenues, to attract more of the cases you love to do, or provide more specialized services, you’ll find the perfect fit when you partner with SmartBox. It takes about as long as you need to place a single crown or a dental implant to discover what’s possible for your practice.

All dental marketing firms aren’t created equal. Make sure you get one that “fits.”