SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #4

Are You Managing On-site and Off-Site SEO?

If that question yields nothing but a blank look from your current marketing provider, it’s time to run for the hills! Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big, complicated, vital deal. You’ve got to be sure that your marketing firm can do it flawlessly. Anything less wastes your hard-earned marketing dollars.

Unscrewing The Inscrutable

Don’t be put off by the weird-sounding jargon. You went to dental school to become a dentist, not to master search engine optimization. Let’s do this in plain language.

On-site optimization uses tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and

heat-mapping software. You’re probably familiar with the first two. Heat-mapping software tracks visitor behavior once he or she is on your website – what link or links are clicked, time on page, and so on.

SmartBox’s on-site optimization includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Content optimization adds highly relevant and useful-to-prospects information to your web pages. That helps to boost your search engine results page (SERP) ranking.
  • Schema markup is code that tells search engines to display additional relevant information from your site
  • Internal linking between pages of your website is great (in moderation) to boost your ranking
  • Title tag creation & customization should be performed for every web page and post on your site. The title tag is the “headline” that prospects will see in search.
  • Page speed load optimization is crucial these days, particularly for prospects searching from handheld devices.

Our Off-site SEO includes competitive research, link-building, social media sharing, blog integration, social publishing, search engine submissions, and directory submissions. Those seem pretty straightforward, but like all this stuff they have nuances and best practices.

Lest We Forget

SmartBox provides state-of-the-art online and offline search engine optimization for our doctors. But that’s not all we do by any means. Here’s what Corey Hurcomb of Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, Indiana says about his experience.

For SmartBox, what really was interesting to me was to see that you can set it up until the person feels like you’re an expert. They look at it from a holistic approach. It’s not just search and optimization, it’s not just pay per click, it’s not just the website revisions, not just SEO, it’s not just social media. It’s the whole combination.”

And Dr. Nicci Hurcomb of Tulip Tree Dental Care adds, “It’s been really easy for me because I don’t have to write it, and that was probably the most infuriating thing, having our own website and somebody asking me for content. Me having to read what somebody else wrote, and maybe write oh, that’s not right, or change this, I don’t like that wording or something like that is so much easier. To me it was a blessing that you guys got to do all of that stuff because that is what I loathe.”

Positioning you as the dental expert for the patients you want is what we do. You become the only logical choice to solve their dental problems. That brings you patients with higher average case value and enduring loyalty to your practice.

SmartBox dentists can work less, earn more, and have the time to enjoy life again. That’s not something that your SEO provider can accomplish for you. But it’s something you can have when you partner with SmartBox.

Get started by having a conversation with us. There’s no obligation, and you’ll be amazed to learn just how good dentistry can be.