She Doesn’t Know



We’ll call her “Diana.” She’s that girl at your front desk.

And Diana has no clue.

She doesn’t know what it takes to run your practice.

She doesn’t doesn’t understand how expenses and payroll WEIGH on your shoulders.

She doesn’t realize the long hours you put in AFTER you leave the practice.

She doesn’t see the bigger, BETTER future that you want to create.

She can’t see the life you want to create for yourself… the life you want your family and kids to have.

She doesn’t understand how much it takes to run a business.

She doesn’t have any clue how many facets you have to watch over (and hats you have to wear) to stay successful and profitable.

She isn’t worried about how much your lab or your landlord is raising your fees and rent.

She has the LUXURY of NOT having to worry about your accounts receivable skyrocketing.

She doesn’t get worked up if you get DENIED by the “dental insurance” and your payments delayed.

She’s not losing sleep at night about the new corporate dental offices that are opening down the road.


Let me tell you a story…

Many years ago, there was a guy named Wilhelm Heinrich, Dean of Science at an internationally recognized and prestigious university.

Have you heard of him?

I doubt it. I REALLY doubt it.

Here’s why.

Like “Diana,” your front desk gal, Wilhelm also didn’t see the big picture. He didn’t see the bigger, better future.

Wilhelm made the MISTAKE of the last century.

The mistake that NO ONE even knows about.

The mistake that NEVER earned him the scorn he DESERVED.

He rejected Einstein.

He called Einstein’s theoretical assumptions “more art than Physics.”

Have you heard of Einstein? Of course you have.

He saw what COULD be, and history will never forget him.

Wilhelm Heinrich is less than a footnote. If that much.

Unlike Heinrich, you see the bigger, better future.  

Einstein saw it.  YOU can too.

You know WHAT your practice can be Dr. ~Contact.LastName~.

You just need the ROADMAP to get you there.

Einstein dared greatly and was greatly rewarded and honored. His legacy lives on.

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