Seth Speaks: "The Pitfall of Lock In"

When you believe your customers have no real choice, either because they’ve signed a long term contract, or the technology locks them in, or they’re stranded in Fargo with no other options, you’re likely to drift away from delighting them.

This is the story of Microsoft and Apple and Instagram, at least when they stumble.

When you believe that people are stuck in their seats, it’s not essential, it seems, to keep cajoling them to stay there.

And while you might be correct that this particular customer is locked in, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have friends, colleagues or a blog.

Word of mouth and recommendations don’t come with a lock-in feature. Generations change, and if you’re here for the long haul, there is no lock in. Read Seth’s Blog

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, which is why we don’t require any long-term contracts. With this approach, the burden is on us, every month, to prove the value of our services to our dentist clients.

This is why our products and systems continue to pioneer how dentists market themselves.

To A Great 2013…