Retool Your Game Like Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is a legend in golf. He has seven majors wins, 62 PGA tour wins and is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. He certainly earned the nickname “The King.” But a young upstart helped Palmer refine his game at the age of 72.

In case you’re wondering if this story is true, USA Today newspaper published it in 2002.

Back in 2001, the 72-year-old Palmer was struggling with his game. What’s more, he had lost confidence and lost his love for the game.

One day he overheard a 34-year-old golf pro at the Tradition Golf Club in California telling a friend of Palmer’s what the legend was doing wrong in his swing. An angry Palmer confronted Doug Mauch, who probably thought he was about to lose his job as golf director at the Traditions.

“What did you say?” Palmer asked.

But rather than cower, Mauch told Palmer about flaws he thought the King had developed in his swing. Within a day the two were working together.

Instead of trying to help Palmer to use the swing he had used in his heyday, Mauch helped the legendary golfer develop a new stance appropriate to his age and ability, and convinced him to go with different clubs. Thanks to Mauch – and the older golfer’s willingness to listen and to change – Palmer played another four years, when before he had been on the verge of giving up the game.

Does this sound like you? Are you a dentist in a once-thriving practice who has lost his mojo? Are the rewards just not there anymore? And worse, are you not loving going into the office anymore?

Arnold Palmer’s story tells us that, for any dentist who still WANTS to succeed at the game of dentistry, it’s never too late. After all, the King retooled his game and re-discovered his lifelong love for golf.

Like Palmer, what you need is someone from the outside to give you a fresh perspective. You need an objective person to come in and look at your practice; not as how it used to be, but as it is currently. Someone who can help you retool your game, using what you have that still works while helping you add or change some things to capitalize on your current assets.

You need a Doug Mauch.

Or maybe a Colin Receveur. (Arguably, a young upstart himself.)

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If you had those three things, would you love going into the office each day? Would that give you back your mojo?

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Here’s to getting your mojo back, and you back in the “swing” of things.