Paint A New “Picture” Of Dentistry For Yourself

Do you recall those classic Norman Rockwell paintings? You’ve probably seen them at one time or another – filled iconic images of happy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, small-town goings-on, and in general an idealized and unrealistic of American life. Nevertheless, those paintings played a large role in shaping people’s ideas of what life should be for generations.

The current accepted “painting” of dentistry is nothing like the happy Rockwell paintings. It’s a fairly bleak rendering. And yet, the vast majority of dentists seem to accept the current view as the best possible situation. Let’s break that down.

Not Every Holiday Table Is Overflowing

It’s true that dentists all over the country report that their chairs are full, and even over-full. That sounds like a great problem to have, but it’s not. Dentistry was never intended to be assembly-line process with dentists rushing between operatories to see the next patient. And yet, that’s what it has become today… too much work for too many hours a week.

That’s not a pace that can be kept up any length of time, much less for the length of a dentist’s career. And yet, day after day, in practice after practice, dentists are trying to do exactly that, and for not nearly enough compensation. Today’s patients are overwhelmingly price- and insurance-driven. The price war between dental practices is real and ongoing, with dentists making very little per case, on average.

Practice The Dentistry You Want On Your Terms

There’s a proven way out of the trap that dentists find themselves in, one that allows them to work less while earning more. It’s the way to attract more of the cases that you truly enjoy doing. It’s a key aspect of transitioning to more of a specialty practice, if that’s what you want to do.

The key to practicing the dentistry you want is to attract the better patients in your market. Better patients – some 20 to 30 percent of almost all markets – have the means to pay for elective dental services. They’re not much worried about what dental insurance will cover or getting the lowest price. They’re looking for the dentistry they want from the dentist they like, relate to, and trust.

In principle, this is the same thing that happens people choosing a certain hairdresser and remaining loyal to that service provider for many years. Given that the outcome is pleasing, the relationship factors make the difference.

With better patients representing much higher case value to your practice, you can work less, earn as much or more, and have the time to enjoy dentistry and life.

If that sounds like a dental career you’d enjoy, the way to get started is to have a conversation with SmartBox. There’s no charge, no obligation, and it’s an investment of the same amount of time that it would take you to do a crown or a single implant.

We’ll even provide you with a customized Roadmap to the future you want. Again, there’s no obligation.

Discover how you can paint a much more pleasing picture of dentistry than the one that’s so “popular” right now. When you do, you’ll have much to give thanks for.