Page 1 of Google with.. Video?

Everyone is after the top spots in the search engines and there are a lot of things that go into getting that top spot. It seems that just as algorithms are figured out the search engines change things and then everything is up for grabs.

There is a new way to get top spots in the rankings however that doesn’t require thousands of links, vast amounts of content and years of longevity, each of which are rewarded for with SEO and traditional websites. It is with video. It is very possible to make a video, put it on YouTube and receive a top ranking all in one day. Video has the advantage over traditional sites in that volume does not count. The person with one video has as much of a chance of being ranked highly as does the large corporation with hundreds of videos.

Think about this for a minute. Google and other search engines are here to give people what they want. When a person types in a search the engine’s primary focus is to give you relevant content in an instant. Video is now what people are clamoring for. In recent years it has become almost a “must” to post a video on your website for product or service displays, explanations, testimonials or to talk about your latest promotion. And people have responded! Research shows that video will convert to a sale 5-7 times faster and that return rates of goods drop by 25% after someone has seen a product displayed by video. Furthermore, video viewing seems to cross all demographic and socioeconomic bounds. Everyone is watching more video.

So when you enter a search into a query and get returns, what is most likely to be shown at the top of the page? Videos.

Search engines are simply returning what people want the most

Do a little digging behind those searches you conduct and you’ll see that videos don’t have to sit around for a long time before they are found. Many of the videos you see that are highly ranked were put up just recently. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that many of the video producers don’t have large strings of videos to their credit. Some will have only one or two but be ranked above major corporations with many videos to their credit.

The trick to getting your videos ranked is something SmartBox does for its clients every day. We optimize them for top results. Title tags, description tags and keywords all play a major role in when, who and where your video gets pushed to the top. These things, plus others, must be cleverly matched to what the public is searching for. Your videos can even be displayed multiple times with multiple title tags. Because Google and other search engines don’t actually “view” your content we switch the titles, tags and keywords for multiple viewer searches ensuring your video is seen by more people and for more keywords.

You must still be mindful of your second viewer, however; the public. While SEO for video will get your video in front of more viewers the content still has to be good enough to provide useful information for the viewer. After all, search engine rankings are only part of the equation for making money. The viewer must also click through your offer and make a call to your place of business. Even though Google doesn’t care about the quality of your content, the viewer will.

That’s why SmartBox goes even one step further by bringing to your location our portable green screen for video production. This lets us professionally insert backgrounds and bullet points to emphasize what is being talked about and displayed in the video, and it eliminates unflattering backgrounds.

You can learn more about our green screen technology and video SEO right here on our website. When you understand all that video can do for you, including getting top rankings almost instantly, you’ll understand why we make available professional productions for all of our clients.