Linking Analytics Goals with Adwords

One of the primary advantages of utilizing Google's advertising services is that you can track converion outcomes at a granular level. By integrating your Adwords account with your analytics profile, you'll be able to determine not only which keywords and campaigns converted but how effectively they performed overall. While conversion outcomes can be binary, the data on consumer interaction includes time spent on site, how many pages a visitor viewed, as well as insights into their navigation path.

Linking your Analytics Goals with Adwords can ensure that you understand the full breadth of conversion outcomes including purchases, subscriptions and leads.

To link you Analytics goals with conversion tracking in Adwords, you have to edit the Data Sharing settings in Google analytics. Once you've updated these settings, you can then update the Conversion Tracking Page to Link your Analytics goals. Make sure that your conversion goals are structured properly in analytics so you can see the full set of conversion options that you need to track. By linking your goals with your search marketing account, you'll be able to better understand how your campaigns are performing relative to your goals.

The insights provided by Google Analytics can help you structure future campaigns for improved performance, including better split-testing of campaigns according to different demographics and consumer segments. In business, data is power and utilizing Google Analytics goals to benchmark your search campaigns provides you with important insights into business outcomes.