Lessons from My Toilet

I really never imagined that it would turn into such a disaster…

Days would go by where everything would be fine and then, all of a sudden, it would start up again.

For some reason, the toilet in the basement of my home developed an odd problem where every so often, it would just run without stopping. Provided there was nothing keeping the water from draining, the worst that could happen would be I’d waste some water. Unfortunately, the one day I went out of town, the problem decided to show itself.

Except this time, there was something blocking the water’s ability to drain.You can imagine what happened next. Because I came home after being out of town to find my basement absolutely flooded by a toilet that had been running for an entire day!

Now you might think that a leaking toilet is a silly way to begin this blog post, and yes, it is silly. But it’s silly with a lesson. In fact, it’s such a powerful lesson that the technique, if done well, could completely transform the future of your practice. Not only that, it can bring a steady stream of the patients you actually want right to the front door of your office.

And this brings me back to the story of my leaking toilet…

Well, the important part isn’t so much my toilet, but the WATER.

The cleanup was a mess. And who knows what would have happened had I not returned when I did. Like I said, it ran for a full day all over my basement before I came back and found the mess.

Water is an amazing substance. Given enough time, even a small drop, drop, drop of water can get through anything… even rock. Are you seeing the connection here yet? Water can eat through just about anything. You can find countless examples of that out in nature. And how does that happen? How does a flow of water put a hole through a rock?

It does it one drop at a time. And that’s exactly how a smart patient attraction system works. It cuts through the noise surrounding your prospective patients one “drop” at a time. At first, maybe very little gets through. But if the drips keep coming, it’s not long before you start to see a small dent in the wall around them.

Over time, that small dent gets bigger until it becomes a hole through which the water can flow with absolutely no resistance.

So the two ingredients that make this possible are time and focus. Do you know how hard it is to sell the ideas of time and focus? It’s not easy, which is why your inbox and your mailbox are stuffed with advertising trying to get you to buy the latest silver bullet internet gizmo that can deliver you results overnight.

Yeah, right.

The proof is in the pudding. Look at what a simple drop of water can do. Water gets through. Which is more than can be said about most of the marketing that dentists do.

We recommend “drip marketing” for our clients. It is a process – NOT a silver bullet – that gets results. And we use InfusionSoft® Drip Marketing, which we’ve found to be an excellent system.

Have a look at the results we’ve achieved for hundreds of your peers across the country. You’ll be convinced that a simple “drip” can work wonders.