Is Your Dental Practice Prepared?

Not to go all doom and gloom, but economic booms always give way to contractions.

In some cases, they give way to recessions.

Did you know that the federal government has cleared the way for more people to assume risky mortgages over the last four years? Or that the government is now on the hook for $7 trillion in home mortgages? That’s the highest level ever.

And then there’s the deficit and the national debt, and trade wars, and manufacturing output hitting 2009 levels, and relatively flat wage growth, and…

Okay, enough. At some point, the rosy outlook isn’t going to be all that rosy. Nobody knows when or how bad things might be, but it won’t be business as usual. 

Right now, virtually everyone who wants a job has one, if you listen to the pundits on television. Employed people have more money than unemployed people; when the employed become unemployed, dental care becomes an afterthought, if that.

That’s what dentists were facing from 2009 through about 2015. If you were in practice during that period, you know it was not a good time. It was not a good time because you were caught unprepared. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen this time.

Thriving During The Bad Times

The thing about economic downturns is that they don’t affect everyone equally. Someone who’s making $100K a year arguably has more options when things go south  than someone who makes $35K a year. Even during a contraction or recession, a significant segment almost every market retains the ability to pay for the dentistry they want, from the dentist they want.

However, you won’t get those “better” patients in good times or bad by advertising low price, coupons, discounts, and freebies. You will get them by positioning yourself as the dentist of choice in your market.

That’s conceptually simple, but tactically difficult to accomplish, which is why thousands of dentists have and continue to rely on SmartBox to get those better patients for them.

SmartBox’s comprehensive Practice Growth System positions our doctors as likeable, approachable, relatable, and trustworthy. Their prospects reach the conclusion that those doctors are the experts they want to solve their dental problems.

The result is that SmartBox dentists enjoy more of the cases they enjoy doing, higher average case value, and soaring revenues. Our doctors get to focus on doing dentistry while SmartBox handles everything involved in achieving their practice growth goals.

You Can Have What They’re Having

We’ve made it simple to get started. Schedule a Practice Growth Call with Ashley Best, one of the best practice growth experts on anyone’s shortlist. 

This is not a sales call; it’s a deep exploration of your goals, what’s working (and not) in your current practice growth calls, and the competitive challenges you face. An entire team of SmartBox experts will take the results of that call and analyze your SEO, social media presence, local search, reputation management, and a great deal more.

On your second call, you’ll already have your Summary of Findings and your Practice Growth Roadmap. The Roadmap is an immediately actionable plan to overcome your most pressing challenges and achieve your goals.

The choice is clear: wait for things to head south, or take action now to prepare your practice to thrive no matter what the future holds.