Is Your Dental Marketing Data-Driven?

With competition at an all-time high – and increasing – a data-driven marketing approach is essential to dentists’ success.

You might not think that marketing your dental practice has much in common with journalism. However, done effectively, each should reveal the answers to these questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

The answers to those questions provide the data that you need to keep your marketing producing at a high level and to avoid wasting dollars on marketing content and channels that don’t deliver.

Who’s Looking At Your Marketing?

Reaching the right dental prospects – however you define them – is crucial for your success. The financial status of your prospects determines whether they’re looking for only the procedures that insurance will cover, or whether they’re able and willing togo fee-for-service. Which group would you like to see in your chairs?

What Are They Looking At?

You also need to know what ads, blog posts, and social media posts they’re viewing most often. There’s an old dictum that still holds true: Give the customers what they want. If your approach isn’t resonating with your audience, your marketing isn’t going to be effective.

Where Are They Seeing You?

Your social media marketing might focus heavily on Facebook. However, are you certain that Facebook is the platform that the majority of your prospects use most often? You might do better to focus more on Pinterest, Instagram, or one of the other social media platforms. Every market is different.

When Are They Searching?

The internet is awash in content and that includes social media. A post that’s published at 9AM your time might miss the vast majority of your prospects. If you don’t know the most productive posting times for each platform in your market, you’ll get far less than you could be getting.

Why Are They Looking At Your Marketing?

Given the vast amount of online content, yours has to be unique in some respect to garner a significant number of eyes. Isolating the factor or factors that draws the most views enables you pinpoint the appeal to your prospects.

How Are They Getting To Your Practice?

While new patients are becoming increasingly comfortable with scheduling a first appointment online, the phone remains the single most important point of first contact with your practice. You may have some mechanism in place to capture which ad, post, or email triggered them to book an appointment. However, research shows that patients are very bad at accurately recalling that information.

SmartBox Has The Answers

SmartBox empowers our dentist with accurate, near real-time marketing data that answers all the questions listed above. Our innovative PracticeHQ™ marketing dashboard is extremely intuitive and delivers the data that dentists need to know at a glance.

Our Phone Tracking & Call Monitoring service accurately records the source of each incoming new patient call and records the calls themselves. SmartBox dentists know which marketing channels are delivering the most new patients. We also provide Call Analysis services to detect any issues with the front office’s phone technique so that practice owners can take corrective action.

Both products are included in most of our marketing packages to ensure that dentists receive the benefit of accurate data-driven marketing.

If you’re not getting specific, actionable answers to those six important questions, here’s a suggestion. Schedule a free, no-obligation Roadmap call. Invest about the amount of time it takes you to place a single crown or a dental implant.

Following the call, you’ll receive your customized Roadmap that will show you what’s possible for your practice and how to reach that future.

Today’s successful dental marketing is data-driven. Get the most accurate and timely data possible with SmartBox.