Is Your Data Safe From Your Computer Crashing?

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Every week I get the call.

My screen says [insert error here] and nothing will come up. Has my hard drive crashed?!

My first response is “Did you backup your data?”

Hard drive crashes don’t just happen to your teenager who downloads a virus. They don’t just happen to the guy you saw in Starbucks that spilled his coffee on his laptop. They don’t just happen to certain people that do certain things, they happen to everyone.

The word “Hard drive” sounds fancy and expensive, but they are really nothing more than a shiny disc with moving parts all around them. They have ball bearings inside, and can spin anywhere from 7,000RPM to 15,000RPM! (Just as a point of reference, even $650,000 Ferrari’s only go to 10,500RPM!) Ball bearings can fail, dirt or dust can get inside the hard drive, or maybe you just got a “lemon” by a stroke of bad luck. Whatever the reason, most of the time it is NOT the user’s fault that it crashed!

Sometimes your data can be recovered, sometimes it can not. Imagine starting from scratch on your computer, with nothing except what came with it the day you bought it. Scary thought, isn’t it? The secret to avoiding this situation is to be proactive, not reactive.

You can’t prevent your hard drive from crashing, but you can take steps to preserve your data before it happens. This can be done very in a very simple and affordable way to even the most novice home users. We’ve setup backups for hundreds of home and business users which can run automatically and as often as needed. We even offer remote monitoring for business critical backups.

The best backup strategy is to have a full image backup of your hard drive along with incremental backups. This way if you have a hard drive crash, you can restore the image backup and then each incremental backup in succession.