Inside the Box: Meet Stacey

Stacey Iseler

Director of Client Success

If you’re looking for a one-word descriptor for Stacey, that word might be “focused.”

Our Director of Client Success is responsible for maintaining overall supervision of our dentists’ projects. That requires her to meet weekly with SmartBox’s Client Success Managers to ensure their projects are on time; deal with doctor issues that may have escalated due to numerous factors; provide doctor and practice education about SmartBox’s process, partnerships agreement, and project timeline; and deal with payment issues as they arise.

Those responsibilities require a strong focus and considerable goal-directedness. “I look at issues and determine the steps needed to improve immediately,” Stacey says. “It isn’t a long, drawn-out process. I firmly believe in working smarter, not harder, so I provide examples of what might be incorrect and options on how to best proceed to get the desired end result. At the same time, I understand people, what makes them tick, and provide the leadership to motivate them accordingly. It’s important to me as a leader to be fair, and to also take other people’s thoughts into account when making decisions.”

StaceyWhile keeping her hands firmly on the Client Success reins, Stacey also maintains a firm work-life balance. “I have a wonderful husband of five years,” she says with a smile, “and two stepdaughters in high school. Family is very important to us. We spent two weeks every year vacationing with my family in Michigan, and those are my favorite two weeks of the year. The rest of the year I enjoy being the biggest cheerleader for my husband and stepdaughters in their activities – marching band, winter guard, DCI, and basketball are our largest activities. I enjoy making home-cooked meals, and I’m so happy that I have passed this passion along to my stepchildren. I also enjoy walking in my new stacey5neighborhood and seeing cows and horses. I have the cutest twins in the world as my niece and nephew, and I cherish the time I am able to spend with them.”

SmartBox Web Marketing is the ideal working environment for Stacey. “I’m supported 100 percent by our CEO and the senior staff. This company is quick to recognize and express appreciation for hard work; that motivates me even more to help dentists’ practices reach their goal of more patients, more profits, and more freedom. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to manage a successful team that improves every day. I use my understanding of the entire process at SmartBox to communicate to doctors and practices on a level they understand. I understand that we’re dealing with their livelihood.”

Stacey sums her approach to her own success, and arguably, SmartBox’s: “We are all going to die,” she says matter-of-factly. “In fact, we’re dying the entire time that we are living. Work hard, have fun, and enjoy what life has to offer. Balance is really important, much more so now that I’m older and live away from my family. Relationships are so very important, but they only work if the two people involved want it to work. I constantly express the importance of life balance and strengthening relationships to my team, as it has served me well in all areas of life.