Inside the ‘Box: Meet Seth

Seth Grundhoefer

Senior Digital Content Expert


Seth is a very focused man with a very broad worldview.

“I craft engaging content for dentists’ websites and in their drip marketing sequences,” he says. “I also work as part of a marketing effort to build practice recognition and vital SEO. I’m a problem solver and like to see projects through to the end. To me, there is no better feeling than tackling an issue – big or small – and finding a logical and effective solution.”

That’s the focused part. The rest comes courtesy of his family and life.

Seth was introduced to the natural world early in his life. His parents lugged him around on family adventures 74833_621047963213_5751666_nand camping trips. “Being outdoors is a great comfort to me. My dad is a bona fide tree hugger who can grow anything from flowers to herbs and vegetables, and his love of nature trickled down to me. As it happens, I love to hike and identify trees (probably the nerdiest thing about me) in both state and national parks.”

Some of that “tree hugger” orientation appears to have influenced his attitude toward people, his choice of work, and where to pursue it. “I’m passionate about helping others. This job helps me connect patients with dentists and vice versa. With clever and ethical digital marketing, you can resolve a problem for someone, save them time, and send them on the right path toward correcting their smile.”

Seth’s passion for helping others is also directly inherited, it seems. “I’m involved in a charitable foundation that was established in memory of my mother, Susan Grundhoefer, who was a lifelong Hoosier educator. She achieved state and national recognitions and had a passion for helping students with special needs. We award scholarships to graduating high school seniors, provide education grants to schools, and pay for kids of low-income families to attend school field trips. Beyond this foundation, I want to help more people in my state and local community!”

Seth grows thoughtful for a moment. “My general worldview is to Think Globally, Act Locally – as the great Pete Seeger said,” he says. “My passion lies in encouraging those around me and creating a positive, thoughtful environment where my friends and peers can feel comfortable. When you’re encouraged and comfortable, I feel people can reach their full potential.”

Speaking of things global, Seth has done some traveling, not always the best of experiences. “As a teenager, I traveled to Switzerland. One night I got separated from my friends and was subsequently detained by police for something I did not do. The whole ordeal took forever to resolve because I could only speak broken German and they spoke absolutely no English. It was a literal case of being lost in translation! My friends later found me and quickly helped work it out.”

300787_992264517263_1270498142_nSeth and his wife, Sarah, live in a 110-year-old house; out of necessity, he’s slowly building his handyman skills. When not otherwise occupied, he’s a “certified music nut who falls into new music genre whirlwinds every year or so. I also play guitar and sing, but I haven’t performed outside of my own living room in years.”  

Seth joined SmartBox in September 2014 and continues to expand his role in the company. “I enjoy that we are a small business that makes a big splash in dental web marketing. I am fortunate to work with talented people who are skilled in various professional disciplines, from writing and marketing to management and web development. I thrive when presented with a problem, and I take pride in finding new ways in which to improve upon daily tasks. I’m currently building the company’s PR department while managing internal and external marketing efforts and juggling daily writing tasks.”