Inside the ‘Box: Meet Rachel

Rachel Reeves

Director of Sales

It’s quite possible that you’ll never meet a more positive, upbeat person than Rachel.

Our Director of Sales is, in the most benevolent way, a force to be reckoned with.

“I strongly believe people choose relationships based on how a person, place, or thing makes them feel,” she says. “I also believe we have all been influenced by many positive and negative world factors that contribute to the standards of how we allow others to treat us. The bottom line in my opinion is that everyone deserves to feel the positive factors that the world gives but possibly haven’t been given the chance to do so.”

Rachel’s main responsibilities are advocating for our dentists, retaining them as clients, providing coaching and phone training for our dentists’ staffs, and, as she puts it, “Selling!”

“An unvoiced expectation is a premeditated resentment,” she says. “We’re constantly working to improve our communication with our dentists. I firmly believe that disappointment can’t be allowed to fester into resentment, so while it may not be comfortable for anyone, I keep digging until any potential issues are exposed and dealt with to our clients’ satisfaction.”

That’s a strong-minded approach to our dentists’ success, but Rachel is both unfazed and exhilarated by the challenge. “I’m loyal, dedicated, and tough,” she remarks. “Successful selling has to be a win for both parties, and I always keep that in mind. If everyone wins, then I’m motivated to continue to do my best. I try to practice renewing negative thoughts with positive ones so that I can at least contribute and experience the joy of life that I wish we could all have.”

IMG_25311SmartBox is a rapidly growing company, which suits Rachel just fine. “I enjoy the excitement of growth and everlasting change,” she says. “This is a high-energy, very entrepreneurial atmosphere and all of us are allowed to contribute ideas and to further the company’s growth. The level of trust that we have in one another is remarkable.”

When she’s not selling, Rachel, her husband Jeremy, and children Gracie and Jacob  like to “hang at home,” fish, camp, hang with friends, play cards, go to baseball games, and love. When it comes to activities that her family may not enjoy to the same extent that she does, Rachel pursues shopping, interior decorating, and reading self-motivational and history books.

FB_IMG_1445652980034“I’m very optimistic by nature,” Rachel says, “and very enthusiastic and passionate about anything that I’m invested in. I believe that relationships are the most important threading in our life and that we choose how to thread our life by the relationships we allow to enter. I am a “ride or die” kind of girl and once committed to something or someone will see it through until life says otherwise. But I also believe in divine order, meaning that I believe my life is laid out exactly the way it should be. So, I try not to question too many of life’s twist and turns. I just go with it. My overall approach is ‘put your big girl britches on and deal with it!’”