Inside the ‘Box: Meet Landon

Landon Antonetti

Video Production Expert

I’m a list guy,” Landon says. “I write lists every day and check them off as I go. Sometimes they’re pretty short but most often, they’re a full page long! I wake up each day with goals and don’t go to sleep until I check them all off! Even long-term goals live on a list. Ones that will take months or years to complete, but they’re there staring right at me when I wake up.”

That’s what you call being goal-oriented and having vision, and he certainly needs both in his job as a Video Production Expert for SmartBox.

One of my major job responsibilities is to tell stories about how our dentists have changed the lives of their patients. I’m able to establish a rapport with our dentists, their staff, and their patients. That makes telling us their stories so much easier. My other responsibility is to film stunning content that shows off our dentists’ awesome dental work.”

The owner of a cat that the video team calls “Chairman Meow,” Landon holds a KH+LA37bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a focus on photography and minor in journalism. He is an ADDY award winner, University of Kentucky Photography Contest award winner, and a Society of Professional Journalists award winner.

“I’m passionate about storytelling,” he says, his eyes gleaming. “I love people, so digging as deep as I can to find out about what someone is passionate about is awesome to me. My job at SWM allows me to do that pretty much every day, and I love that! And we have an incredibly talented team of all-around good people. SmartBox is interested in my growth within my craft and invests in that.”

When he’s not digging deeply into people’s passions, Landon processes his own 35mm film at home. He enjoys bike riding and boasts a sizeable collection of retro video games and consoles.

Perhaps those activities provide a balance for his passionate approach to filmmaking. “I’m extremely even-keeled,” he says, “and I’m a firm believer in meditation. That doesn’t affect my ability to act quickly, though. When a conflict arises, I find that I can be calm and help lead those involved to the best possible solution for each side as quickly as possible.”

Lest you think his balance never wavers, you should know this. “I had my wisdom teeth removed my senior year of high school,” he recalls, “and another effect of the pain medication I received, besides strange dreams, was apparently being nice enough to give away my things. Several people came to my parents’ house to visit me while I was bedridden, and my mom noticed that when people would leave my room, they were leaving with clothes, shoes, etc. She came up to investigate and apparently I was so thankful to have visitors that I let everyone who came help themselves to items in my room!”

It’s fair to say that Landon has found a home for his passions at SmartBox.

“I have an immense love for what I do,” he says. “I consider what I do here creating visual art. I am a student of photography and have studied film for a long time, so above all, I am passionate about creating and am so thankful that I get to spend my whole day doing it.”