How To Put a Face On Your Dental Practice

Right now, your website probably has an alphabet soup of affiliations and organizations you belong to.

But Why Does Your Patient Care?

If I told you I held numerous certifications, including CCNA, MCSE, & GCP does that really mean anything to you?

Industry specific credentials only matter to those in the industry (and I doubt most of your patients are dentists)…

How To Exude Expertise

Text on a page [i.e. your website] has inherent limitations. No matter how great your copywriting skills are, or what font you use, or what color/size you make the words, it’s still just words on a page that have to be read. There is no emotion, no tone, no personality.

Video is the game changer that fills all these gaps.

Making a series of short videos to replace your “bio” or “about us” page is a great to show your prospective patients your sincerity, personality, and expertise.

Take a quick look at couple series of videos we produced for two orthodontists.

What did Dr. Schmidt & Dr. Surber think about our video work? Click here to hear…

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