How To Get More Dental Patient Reviews on Google

Years ago, online reviews weren’t needed. But these days, Google (among other companies) is putting a ton of weight behind them.

Practically any search you do for a local business, you’ll find that the higher ranking businesses always have lots of positive reviews.

So How Do You Get Reviews?

You could simply ask for them, but chances are, your patient has a very busy life, kids, job, spouse, etc.. and leaving that online review for the stellar work you did is at the bottom of their priority list.

Here’s our strategy for getting reviews:

1) Before the patient ever leaves your office, get a testimonial!

There are ways to let your patient post a review on Google from your office, without being penalized by Google for posting reviews from your office. This is the best method to get reviews, because you can review it before your patient clicks “submit.” [We share this strategy with our Elite clients]

2) If you miss this first opportunity, make sure you follow-up with them by phone and email!

Here’s a quick tip to make posting reviews easy for your patients: Buy a domain name and redirect it to your review page. That way, when you tell a patient how to leave you a review, you can simply say “Go To to leave us a review.” It’s much easier to remember and write down.

If you’d like to see the email we give to our dentist clients to get reviews from their patients, shoot me an email (colin [at] and I’ll send it to you.