How many of your prospects are Mobile Searching?

I was just getting ready to head over our Easter get together, but had a pressing thought I wanted to put “on paper” first on mobile searches and your business.

The hot question for the past few weeks has been “Should I have a mobile site?” And the answer depends on your situation. So I’ll start with a few facts about who uses mobile devices, and then a short video on how to see if your prospects are using mobile devices when they search for you.

Some Fast Facts on the EXPLOSION of mobile devices:

  • Mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage in 2014 (if not sooner)
  • Over HALF of all local business searches are done on mobile devices
  • 86% of mobile internet users are watching TV while they browse
  • 29% of mobile users are scanning coupons from their mobile devices
  • 40% of Facebook’s 600 millions users & 50% of Twitter’s 155 million users socialize on their Mobile Devices
  • Women aged 35-54 are the MOST ACTIVE group socializing via Mobile Devices
  • Watch this quick video to find out if your prospects are searching for you on their mobile devices and smart phones.