How Effective Is Your Dental Website?

Once you get all that traffic to your dental website, what happens to it? Where does it go?

Some dentists are satisfied with “just having a website” and not truly leveraging it as a marketing tool to attract the patients THEY want… and they are missing boatloads of new patients.

Many of those dentists who are doing some web marketing are doing it wrong by spending all their money on the attraction and none on the conversion…

We recently launched a pilot program with a select group of dentists to allow us to actually SEE what your prospective patients see when they visit your website. Our technology allows us to see where they click, where they scroll and read, and what they do while they are on your website more than ever before.

This allows us to develop highly effective, more aesthetically pleasing dental websites that generate YOU more results from every marketing dollar you spend.

If your website hasn’t created a steady stream of phone calls into your dental practice, checkout our new free report The Dental Website Audit. It’s a free download (PDF), no email address needed.