Google Analytics Gets a Bunch of New Features

Google announced a number of new and upcoming features for Google Analytics today. The features, Google says, focus on three things: power, flexibility, and intelligence.

It is the intelligence aspect, which Google places the most prominence on, and this comes in the form of a feature called “Analytics Intelligence,” which will provide users with automatic alerts of significant changes in the data patterns of their site metrics and dimensions over daily, weekly, and monthly periods. Users can be notified by email or right within the Google Analytics user interface.

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Google has also added goals for “time on site” and “pages per visit,” as well as the ability to define up to 20 goals per profile. Here’s some more on that:

Google Analytics now tracks mobile websites and mobile apps so you can better measure your mobile marketing efforts. They will be adding a code snippet for users to add to their mobile sites. PHP, Perl, JSP, and ASPX sites will be supported.

“iPhone and Android mobile application developers can now also track how users engage with apps, just as with tracking engagement on a website,” says Dai Pham of the Google Analytics Team. “What’s more, for apps on Android devices, usage can be tied back to ad campaigns: from ad to marketplace to download to engagement.”

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They have also added Advanced Table Filtering, which allows you to filter the rows in a table based on different metric conditions. Here’s more on that feature:

Now when you create a Custom Report, you can select Unique Visitors as a metric against any dimensions in Google Analytics, and they are also adding multiple custom variables to the tracking API and making it easy to share Custom Reports and Advanced Segments.

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Google says that it will be going into more detail on the new features in the coming days on the Google Analytics Blog. The features will be appearing in Google Analytics accounts gradually over the coming weeks.

Credit to WebProNews