Freedom Comes In Many Forms

Happy Independence Day to you and yours.

At SmartBox, we’re all about freedom for our doctors. That’s the freedom to choose the kind of success they want, because dentists are like any other group – one size does not fit all.

There are dentists who want more new patients, period. There are dentists who want patients that have specific dental issues such as the need for implants, cosmetic dentistry, or sleep apnea. Some dentists simply want a better bottom line. Others are focused on increasing their practice valuation.

And quite a few would love the freedom to actually take a real vacation, or at least not have to work so hard and so long.

What’s The Freedom You Want?

The one thing that all dentists have in common is that something will need to change for them to enjoy the kind of freedom they’re looking for. That something is practice growth, which can also be defined in many ways. However, what all those ways have in common is that they require a better bottom line.

Like it or not, money is still the key to personal and professional freedom. Improving your bottom line opens many possibilities for you to create the future you want.

SmartBox is a practice growth firm specializing in

turning your marketing into bottom-line profits.

That’s an important distinction. Any competent marketing company should be able to get your phone ringing with new patients. But very few of those companies will help you keep the patients you have. It makes no sense to pay for 40 new patients a month if you’re losing 20 existing patients.

It also doesn’t make sense to pay for new patient calls if your front office is only converting a fraction of those calls into appointed patients.

With SmartBox, you get one dedicated firm that will handle your new patient attraction and conversion efforts. We’ll also help you retain more of your existing patients; it’s always less expensive to keep the patients you have than to spend money to attract new patients.

Not only will SmartBox help improve your bottom line, we can also tailor your new patient attraction efforts to help you get more of the cases you want.

Dr. Brian Handel of Wayne, Pennsylvania said this: “My ultimate goal is to bring another full-time doctor in besides myself and a part-time associate, a specialist, and grow the practice to the point where I can phase myself out of the general practice and concentrate on the sleep apnea and TMJ side of the practice.

“What’s pleased me the most so far is the follow-through that SmartBox has had. I’ve only been working with them for a few weeks, but it’s been dramatically different from the last couple of companies I’ve worked with.”

Get Yours

Schedule your 25-minute Practice Growth Call to get your actionable growth plan and realize your practice’s full revenue potential. You’re going to leave this call with an action plan to add immediate revenue into your practice and overcome your most pressing problems.

Freedom is something we should never take for granted. With SmartBox, you have the freedom to choose the future you want.