Don’t Be a Dentist Who’s Stuck In The Past

Change isn’t always easy, but it’s always inevitable.

That’s a lesson that many dentists are failing to heed. Year after year – even decade after decade – they go about promoting their practices in exactly the same way.

When the internet finally blossomed, dentists as a group were slow to adapt to the newfangled marketing possibilities. Today, virtually every dentist has a website, but far too many haven’t been updated and optimized for search for five years … at least.

That’s an eternity in internet time.

Dentists who are stuck in the past – even mildly so – will be left behind.

Innovate Continuously, Or Die

UBER is one of the great success stories of the current decade. In just seven years, the innovative Uber ride-hailing service went from nothing to a self-evaluation of $69 billion with total revenues of $6.5 billion in 2016.

But unless UBER, an admitted force for innovation, continues to push the edge of technology, it will be obsolete in 24 months.

Why? Because a number of very well-funded companies are working out the bugs of autonomously-driven vehicles. In two years, you’ll be summoning an autonomous taxi to take you where you want to go rather than a human driver.

Sure, it’ll take a few years for driverless vehicles to be widely accepted, but that acceptance will come. And UBER will be gone unless they find a way to ride the way of innovation.

There’s a lesson here for dentists. Adapt or perish.

SmartBox Defines Continuous Innovation

We’re the biggest in dental patient attraction because we never stop innovating, refining, and expanding our product offerings and services. SmartBox is the driving force in how dentists attract the patients they want and need to grow and succeed on their own terms.

Cases in point: We’re now offering SmartBox’s Practice Perfection™ Software Products to help dental practices get and keep more and better patients.

  • SmartBox’s Local360 Local Search Optimization Software: get your website and your practice found online.
  • SmartBox’s Patient Attraction Phone Training & Certification Course: stop losing prospects at the point of contact.
  • Rave Online Reputation Management Software: dental practices live or die by their reputations, and now you can manage your online reputation with ease.

Depending on our dentists’ services levels, we’re integrating several of these innovative Practice Perfection™ Software Products into their Patient Attraction Systems™. But they’re also available on an a la carte basis through SmartBox.

Dentists Can – and Must – Be Innovative As Well

Your practice can be cutting-edge by adopting the latest and greatest in technological advances. But to recoup your investment in those innovations in a timely fashion, you need more and better patients.    

Visit and reserve your free, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™. Invest 20 minutes of your time to discover how you can double or even triple your practice. We’ll take the results of that phone call and send you your personalized Patient Attraction Roadmap™ – again, absolutely free.

The rate of change of the rate of change is changing. Dentists must innovate or perish. Don’t be the dentist who’s stuck in the past.