Do You Have the 9 Traits of a Confident Dentist?

In all the dentists we have worked with at SmartBox, one thing stands out: confidence breeds success.

So here is a list of shared traits of confident dentists:

  1. Confident dentists are more worried about doing what is right than being right. This means a confident dentist can give an initial diagnosis or propose a solution and then change his mind or go a different direction. Confidence isn’t defending your decisions to the end; confidence is being secure enough to do the right thing even when it wasn’t your original plan.
  2. Confident dentists listen more than they speak. A confident dentist doesn’t have to impress you with what he knows. He wants to know what his patient wants or what his advisor can tell him that he may not know. Confidence is knowing what you know but not having to show it off.
  3. Confident dentists don’t have to be the center of attention. A confident dentist is happy when others get credit. That may mean a staff member or a patient. A confident dentist doesn’t care who gets credit as long as there is a reason for credit to be given.
  4. Confident dentists know they don’t know everything. Asking for help or information isn’t a sign of weakness. It actually shows that the dentists has enough confidence is his other knowledge that he can acknowledge what he doesn’t know. This can be shown in practicing dentistry and relying on a colleague or mentor for expertise in a procedure. It also can go in his business practice in asking someone to help build his practice.
  5. Confident dentists strive to grow their practice. A confident dentist doesn’t restrict how big his practice can get. This means there are no limits to how much success the confident dentist sees for himself.
  6. Confident dentist don’t have to put others down to lift themselves up. This, like many others on this list, extends beyond dentists. Tearing down other people, whether that is competitors, acquaintances or whomever, doesn’t build anyone up. Confident dentists don’t need to do so.
  7. Confident dentists aren’t afraid to be themselves. This is especially clear in video. We want dentists to be themselves on camera so that patients get to know them. But some dentists want to put on a persona to be more professional or serious. Confident dentists are comfortable being who they are. Being yourself is a great way to attract patients with whom you will mesh.
  8. Confident dentists own their mistakes. A confident dentist knows that we are not defined by our mistakes. Being wrong about a treatment option or a business decision does not cost a dentist esteem. Acting as if he wasn’t wrong costs a dentist esteem. A confident dentist know that he gains esteem by acknowledging he was wrong and making it right.
  9. Finally, confident dentists see challenges as opportunities. A confident dentist knows he has the talent to be a good dentist. He just needs to get the right combination of ingredients to get his practice going. This confidence comes from his willingness to change and adapt his practice to better attract patients.

Are you a confident dentist? If so, we would love to work with you.