Where You’re Losing Too Many New Dental Patients

The path of new dental patients to your practice is a strange one. According to Google, more than 90 percent of people begin their search for a dentist online. And yet, the vast majority of people still prefer to book an appointment over the phone.

That first telephone contact with your dental practice is the make-or-break point for all of your dental marketing. It takes very little for scared or reluctant prospects to decide that they don’t want your services. The wrong voice inflection, being perceived as being pushy, or not taking the time to fully explore the prospect’s concerns can lead to a quick hang-up.

When a prospect calls your practice but isn’t appointed, your marketing investment has been wasted. Even worse, that prospect may share what he or she views as an unsatisfactory experience with one, ten, or even twenty other people.

That’s word-of-mouth advertising that you can’t afford.

Make Your Point of Contact The Point Of Retention

Dental practices typically hire personable people with good phone skills for front office work. When it comes to dealing with reluctant prospects, good skills may not be enough. Very few people are naturals at empathizing, probing, dealing with objections, and moving the call at the right pace to ask for the appointment.

You may not believe that there are any problems with your front office’s phone techniques. If so, you’re like the vast majority of dentists. But the fact is that you spend most of your time in your operatories, not listening to how your staff handles phone calls.

Not to take anything away from your people, but unlike dental assistants and hygienists who have completed job-relevant training, very few front office staff have any formal training in converting prospects to appointed patients. Even if your people are well above average, you’re not getting all the new patients you could be getting.

SmartBox is doing something about the problem. We’re proud to offer our proprietary, dental practice-specific Patient Attraction Phone Training & Certification course.

When you purchase our state-of-the-art course, you’ll receive:

  • 7 Core Modules: These Core Modules include the strategies to create a system to appoint more patients than you ever have before. Each module includes a video lesson with step-by-step instructions your staff can implement right away.
  • 6 Vaults: For each Core Module, we’ve added an additional module of a corresponding Tactical Vault. This is where the work really begins of practicing and recording what they learn in each module. Repetition and recording insights is what will make your office great at these vital skills.  We’ve also included actual call examples to further support the materials by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of call skills.
  • 7 Quizzes: Each Core Module is followed by a quiz that tests and reinforces the understanding of the concepts covered in that lesson.

Don’t let new dental patients slip away at the point of contact. Learn more about SmartBox’s exclusive Patient Attraction Phone Training & Certification course by visiting beyondphonetraining.com. You’ll find that it’s extremely affordable, and that you can quickly recoup your investment.