Dentistry Should Be Fun… Dammit!

What ever happened to enjoying what you do?

Dentistry is routinely ranked as one of the two best professions in the U.S. You’d never know it if you talked with a lot of dentists like SmartBox does.

What we hear is that dentists feel pressured to rush to the next patient because they’re already late for the patient after that. Dentists tell us that care is often dictated by what dental insurance will pay for, so they have to come up with creative solutions. We’re told that dentists are working too many hours and too many days.

We don’t hear those things from everyone, of course, but it’s clear that a large percentage of dentists are not having fun.

That’s a damned shame. Let’s change that.

Quality Over Quantity

Let’s make this short: you already know that the problem is price- and insurance-driven patients. Lots of reasons why that’s happening, and you likely know those, too.

You need better patients. They’re out there, and you can get them. Honest.

At least 20 percent of your market is composed of people with decent amounts of disposable income. It’s more likely around 30 percent, which represents a lot of prospects that will bring you much higher average case value.

More money per patient equals fewer patients needed to make the same amount. Fewer patients means you can spend more time with each, as needed or as you choose. Elective dentistry means a lot more fun including less hassling with insurance.

Sure, you’re going to have routine exams and drill-and-fills. That’s just the nature of a general practice. But those routine cases shouldn’t be and don’t have to be 90 percent of your day!

What you do changes lives. Shouldn’t you enjoy that?

You can, and we’ll get you there. Just ask Dr. Nicci Hurcomb of South Bend, Indiana.

“We hit our goal last year for production and collection and all of that fun stuff,” she said. “I don’t have to work any more hours, which is good. We definitely didn’t want to add that, or at least I didn’t want to add that, to my schedule. I like to spend the time away from the office with my family and friends. I know that my husband is jealous because he has to work five days, so he’s waiting for the day that he can quit and come work for us too.”

More money, no more hours, and time for family and friends. Sounds good, Dr. Hurcomb.

…and the Pitch

It’s fairly simple. We don’t know what you want or the market you operate in. You’ll need to tell us before we can determine what we can accomplish for you.

Do that by scheduling a Roadmap call. Yeah, it takes some time – about as much as you need to place a single crown or a dental implant. We’ll take a deep dive into your goals and the competitive forces in your market.

Following the call, we’ll send your completely personalized Roadmap to the future you want.

Of course, if you’re happy with what you’re doing right now, forget the whole thing. If not, check us out. See? Simple.