Definitely Different Dental Videos Do Well With Prospects

You can read any number of opinions on what makes a great dental video.

A single dental video may get you some new patients, but it’s the sum total of your videos  – all of your online videos taken together – that will help you get all the new dental patients you need to grow your practice.

If you think about it, that just makes sense. Your dental prospects have different needs and wants. They’re not all looking for the same information.

They are looking for a dentist they can trust.

That trust is what all of your dental videos, yours and your patients, need to inspire and why you need a variety of high-quality, professionally produced videos – so that your marketing is responsive to the needs and wants of all your prospects.

You can have two dozen testimonial videos talking about how wonderful the staff is, but that’s not going to fully reassure the pain-phobic prospect. Glowing reviews of the outcomes of their procedures do nothing for the prospect that fears embarrassment.

What’s important is to identify the needs, wants, and fears of your patients, and solicit testimonials to cover all of them. That’s not easy, but it is something you can accomplish over time and with some planning.

Your doctor videos have to address more than problems and procedures. Dentists are assumed to have competent clinical skills and judgment. If you advertise that you deal with specific conditions, patients won’t watch your videos for the technical details. They’ll watch your videos to learn more about you and whether you can satisfy their wants.

They’ll watch your videos to see if they’re comfortable with the idea of you working on their mouths. And they’ll want to know the outcomes they can expect and how their lives will change.

Your patients watch your videos for the potential benefits of choosing you. Your videos, and your patients, have to emphasize those benefits without being obvious. Here are three tips to accomplish just that.

  1. Emphasize the before and after.

Your prospects know what it’s like to be embarrassed to smile, unable to eat without pain, or experience recurrent infections. They don’t know – recently  – what it’s like to be proud of their smiles, to be able to eat whatever they want comfortably, or to have healthy teeth and no infections. But they’d really like to, and they’ll relate to the outcome in terms of the change in their everyday lives.

  1. Be upfront about patients’ concerns.

For a lot of dental patients, their fear of pain or embarrassment is the elephant in the living room that no one wants to talk about. Tell them how you’ve helped others with similar concerns to realize happy outcomes. Even better, shoot videos with you and some of your happy patients talking about those concerns.

  1. Don’t soft-pedal the downside.

Your prospects will want to believe that they can have their problems solved with absolutely no pain, embarrassment, or inconvenience – but they won’t. Let’s face it: if you could deliver any of those outcomes, your phone would be ringing non-stop. What you patients need to know is that you’ll make those concerns manageable and that you won’t let their concerns impact a favorable outcome for them.

With a wide variety of testimonial videos and your own informed approach to your videos, you can build patient trust convince those prospects who are still sitting on the fence about choosing a dentist.