ClearCorrect Marches On

At the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) meeting in Los Angeles, ClearCorrect announced that it was rebranding in preparation for expansion.

According to the press release, “The Straumann Group, a Switzerland-based global provider of tooth replacement and orthodontic solutions that restore smiles and confidence, acquired ClearCorrect in 2017 as part of a broader initiative to deliver products across the full spectrum of orthodontic and dental solutions.”

So, ClearCorrect is continuing its expansion into other high-value areas of dentistry. The growth of another “800-pound gorilla”  isn’t good news for solo dentists and small group practices.

It’s Not Really Different

Although ClearCorrect has a highly distributed business model, its selling points are largely the same as the corporate dental chains such as Aspen and Heartland: low price, convenience, and a well-known brand name.

Those selling points are both strengths and weaknesses… if you know how to exploit them. Far too many dentists keep trying to compete head-to-head, and that’s a mistake.

When your opponent is better-known, can offer a very low price point, and is hugely more convenient than your practice, you simply can’t win by playing your opponent’s game.

On the other hand, if you stop trying to match ClearCorrect’s advantages and play to your strengths, you can’t lose.

A Case In Point

Dr. Michelle Haynes of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is facing “a ton of corporate dental offices.” However, that doesn’t seem to be impacting her success.

“Since we’ve been working with SmartBox,’ she said, “we actually have had a 30 percent or higher growth each year. Which is pretty incredible, so we’re thrilled about that. We’re busier than we’ve ever been and more profitable, which, that’s what we want, right?

“We love getting our reports monthly on just what our return on investment is with SmartBox. We’ve been thrilled to see that we’re averaging about 20:1 with our return on investment with our marketing dollars spent. And it was even as high as 50:1, so that has been pretty exciting to see the overall growth that we’ve managed to accomplish.

“My goal is to double our practice size in the next two years, and I really feel confident that with our help through SmartBox we can accomplish that.”

You Can Have What She’s Having

Dr. Haynes’ experience is a case in point, but she’s far from being the only one. SmartBox works with dentists to help them get the new patients they want. In most cases, those are the patients who represent much higher case values to the practice.

Prospects with the financial means to be choosy about the dentist they select to solve their dental problems aren’t much motivated by low price or insurance coverage. They’re looking for a relationship with the doctor who they deem to be the trusted dental expert.

ClearCorrect, and the corporate chains, can’t compete on that level. They have deficits in trust and relationships that they can never overcome.

Get Started

Don’t wait for the ClearCorrects of the world to start eating into your profits. Schedule a Roadmap call; invest about the amount of time you need to place a crown or an implant in a call that covers your goals, the competitive forces in your market, and how you’ll reach those goals.

Following the call, we’ll send your completely personalized Roadmap to the future success of your practice.

Play your own game, and you’ll beat the “gorillas” of dentistry.