Are You A Hero To Your Dental Patients?

COMING SOON! Colin Receveur’s latest book that will open your eyes to what you’re missing as a dentist… and how you can have it.


How to Become a Hero To Your Patients and Enjoy Rich Rewards As the “Only Dentist In Town” They Want to Work With

Dentists change lives by giving people back the ability to smile without embarrassment, to live without dental pain, to eat the foods they love, and to feel good about themselves again.

These are not small things, and yet far too many people don’t give dentists their due.

Unfortunately, that group includes quite a lot of dentists. Probably most of them.

In this forthcoming book, Colin explores the reasons why dentists don’t claim their own power and embrace their true identity – as a Super Dentist Hero.

This Ain’t Your Usual Dental Marketing Book

Sure, there’s some marketing in it – you need to know how to let the prospects you want know why they should choose you to solve their dental problems – but most of the book is an “inside job,” so to speak.

It’s an inside job because you’ve been sold a lie about how dentistry has to be practiced if a dentist is going to survive. In some respects, dentists these days are very similar to overworked, underpaid corporate drones. Their full potential isn’t being tapped, and they’re certainly not compensated like they should be.

Dentistry was never intended to be a slog, an endurance contest, or an exercise in boredom. That’s simply what it’s become due to macro market forces. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Colin’s help, you have the opportunity to throw the chains of the humdrum life of a typical dentist and become a Super Dentist and a Hero to your patients.

What’s You’ll Find Inside

FOREWORD: Jason Leister


CHAPTER 1 Take A Step Back

CHAPTER 2 The 30,000-Foot View

CHAPTER 3 Stop Selling Yourself Short

CHAPTER 4 Claim Your Power

CHAPTER 5 Become The Hero(ine) For Your Prospects

CHAPTER 6 You Deserve BETTER, And You Can Have It

CHAPTER 7 What’s In Your Toolbox?


As Jason Leister notes in his Foreword, “So while many dentists will view current industry challenges as “serious problems” to be solved and get lost in the sea of tactical approaches trying to steady production and profits, a select group of dentists will see something very different when they look out on the horizon of the dental world: they will see an opportunity to succeed that has never before presented itself in our industry. “

Let’s be clear: this isn’t a book about realizing incremental gains. It’s about transforming your self-image, your practice, and your life.

As Colin writes, “You’re a goddamn hero, doctor, and it’s high time you realized it.

At this date, the exact release date is still to be determined, but we’ll make it possible for you to reserve your copy. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get started on your path to becoming a SUPER DENTIST.