Inside the ‘Box: Meet Sarah

Sarah Cartisano

Client Relationship Manager

Frankly, we’re amazed that Sarah isn’t constantly surrounded by hordes of people just clamoring to be around her.

I’m passionate about so many things,” she says. “Life in general. I try to never be negative. I know we all complain, but being optimistic is so much easier than worrying and stressing out all the time. I care – maybe too much – about everything, and I care about the people in my life more than I have the words to say. Seeing other people happy and successful makes me SO happy, and if I had a hand in helping with that, it makes it that much better.”

Sarah is of the first SmartBox full-time employees; she started with the company in April 2014. As a client relationship manager, her main responsibilities are keeping in touch with her clients, helping them throughout their projects, and assisting clients with billing and payments, project updates, and day-to-day marketing efforts. All of that is in the service of making sure that their campaigns are performing to maximum potential and (of course) “making sure they are happy!”

IMG_9992This self-described “people person” seems eminently suited to the job for a number of reasons. “I am passionate about life, love, people, happiness, success. Not always in that order. I will always strive to do my best in everything that I do and to achieve not only my own goals but the goals of my clients. I love knowing that what we are doing is working and that there are people out there who are thankful for all of our hard work!”

Not that life is always the proverbial bed of roses, but Sarah seems to have a knack for turning difficulty into opportunity. Take the fact that she’s, shall we say, somewhat “stature-challenged.”

“I went to the goat races in downtown Louisville this past weekend,” she says, fighting a broad smile. “The streets were PACKED with people. When the races started I couldn’t see a thing (I’m barely 5’2”), so my 6’ boyfriend picked me up and put me on his shoulders. I had the best view – even better than the four little kids that were on their dads’ shoulders all around me!”

IMG_0922If it seems like something is always cooking with Sarah, it’s not surprising. She holds a culinary arts degree with honors from Lincoln Technical Institute for Culinary Arts. “I LOVE food,” she exclaims. “I will cook and eat just about anything. It helps that I am not only Italian, but one who was raised amongst a family of fantastic cooks! I come from a big family and we are all super close. My cousins, brothers, and I were all raised like siblings. Get-togethers back home are nothing short of hilarious and entertaining!”

“Back home” is Connecticut, where Sarah grew up 15 minutes from the shore and remains beach-obsessed. “I will go there EVERY chance I get, even if that means dragging my family there in the middle of winter when I go visit during the holidays! And, it fits with my newfound love of photography.”

Fueled by her “slight addiction” to Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee – or coffee in general – Sarah thrives in SmartBox’s fast-paced work environment. “I love the atmosphere and the interaction I get with both clients and coworkers. I learn very quickly and retain what I’ve learned, and I take it in stride when my clients have concerns or worries. I love my job.”

IMG_9534It seems that Sarah attracts like-minded people, even of the four-legged variety. “I have a 70-pound German shepherd who goes by ‘Belle’ or ‘whatever I feel like calling her that day.’ She’s crazy and cuddly and super sweet, and she knows no stranger!”

They say that age doesn’t always bring wisdom, but it does bring perspective. Sarah seems to have mastered both while still young.

“Life isn’t always beautiful, but there is beauty in every single day,” she says. “I wholeheartedly believe that. I look at life as a rare gift that not many people get to truly enjoy. I see the good in EVERY person I meet. I feel deeply – good and bad – and where most people just have sympathy, I have a lot of empathy and can really relate to what people are going through. It’s not always a good thing. If faced with a problem, I will always do my best to figure it out, but I try not to beat myself up over it if I can’t. Life is too short and we’re all learning. The only person I try to be better than is myself, every new day. I’m in competition with no one. I hope we all make it out of here alive!”

We’re right there with you, Sarah.